Pop Team Epic Episode 9( America.)

Can someone Photoshop this boy in front of a burning building? Please. That guy just looks like an arsonist as he explains smelly food in France… Actually we need a picture of him standing up and walking away from a burning building. Sorry everyone. I’m weird. That smile though…he looks like he did something wrong.

Okay, we are in. Lets start with the America skit! It starts with this weird kid who moves( or is visiting) to America and is saved by Pipimi and Popuko in Ghostbuster outfits in New York City from drunk guys. On an unrelated note, the new Ghostbuster was filmed in Boston( I only know because I visiting Boston and everyone was making a big deal about it) and not New York City, but literally almost the same thing.

And they have the guy speaking in weird English. It was English, but it was weird. On the second time around, it was Japanese, but with a ghetto accent… I almost died.

I love the guy follows them around in the city as they do random things and then at the end,  he becomes the mayor of New York City. Them suspenders..

I was confused, but then I started laughing because of the voice changing. I believe that is the Brooklyn Bridge down there!

My favorite part of this mess was the Central Park scene where they were cooking tuna on a fire and the guy realized that needed to achieve this own dreams and have a direction from those two doing random s**t? Okay, then, my guy.

Or when the guy is just talking to himself.. Also the guy reminds me of some Hetaila character..just a side thought. I feel like he is kinda arrogant. My crush kissed another boy on the cheek and I was so mad… Try me.

The beginning skit where Popuko is a heart and Pipimi is a hand and they do bad jokes.

Then Retro Game Hour. Popuko wins after being savaged by a rice maker last week.

Bob Team Epic. That part is a gem. They redid the rabbit going to the tea party short with Popuko chasing him except that he actually late for a tea party.

Doing the drum solo before asked to. I started laughing. Also, reminder to that guy on my street: Your drum solo is unnecessary when I’m doing my homework. Thanks.

I like food art, but if someone is going to eat immediately, is there is a point? When Popuko just drinks it before looking at the image..I started laughing really hard. That would have been me.

Don’t press the button too much or you’ll get smacked.

And they were totally making fun of something in this skit with the 4-leaf clover with the girl riding on the back of bicycle. I have no clue. I have watched 37 days worth of anime and I still don’t know( and 7.5 days of drama, if you would like to know). Center of the universe!

Then the ending scene, where random stuff is said. Okay, probably not random…just me not knowing what’s happening. I like the way the ending scene is animated. It’s basically Popuko and Pipimi doing cute thing with a soft animation.

Hoshiiro Girldrop. The main girl gets stranded in a place where childhood memories were made. Do her and Dachii kiss? Oh he** no because it’s romance anime and it probably gets ruined by someone. You know it!


My name is Pandora and I have been watching anime since I was in middle school. I also enjoy gaming, listening to EDM music and throwback music, and reading.

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2 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    The “muscleman in suspenders” look of the mayor parodies the design of videogame character Mike Haggar from 1990s fighting game series Final Fight. The character’s a professional wrestler turned city mayor who must rescue his daughter from the local evil street gang.

    Side question – do any of AngryAnime’s bloggers intend to review any of the latest Netflix-produced anime titles releasing this March?
    Netflix just released one of its titles, B The Beginning, last week, and will be releasing another, AICO Incarnation, this coming 9th March. Plus both titles will have all their episodes released in 1 go (for its bingewatcher target viewers).

    • Pandora says:

      Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the info. The whole skit makes more sense since I read about what Final Fight is about. I think someone is doing AICO Incarnation, though. I don’t have Netflix, but I may get it if there is something interesting.

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