Pop Team Epic Episode 11( I’ve seen what they are making fun of, but I don’t know where it’s from)

Everyone want to talk about the Hoshiiro Girldrop ending. There is so many anime where they the main character uses their power to give their life to the person they love, so they may live at a price. I’m just reminded of Sailor Moon, where the personalities and powers of the princess and the prince are in certain people and once they get the amulet it’s unlocked.. That’s not it. There is another anime where they do what happened in the show. Where the MC loses all their memories of a person to get them back.. Ugh!!! All I can think of is We without Wings under the Innocent Sky( amazing show by the way…), where the MC separates his personalities to save himself, I think. Let me think about it as I write.

Wait, I think I figured something out. Your Name! They forget each other( well, not because they wanted to), only to remember each a figment of each other later. That’s still not it.

Eisai haramasukoi! Let’s make this a dance trend y’all. They is different stages for a dance. First, a vine or rap video comes out that is pretty catchy. Then, people start dancing to it. Then it’s about 2 weeks old and literally anyone who can’t dance starts dancing to it and ruin it. Then about a month later, everyone is annoyed by it and nobody want to hear the song ever again. Based on prior popular dance trends, this is exactly what happens.

I love how they do the whole club thing. In every club video, they do that. It makes me uncomfortable, but it’s all good because I listen to club and dance music all the time. All I can think of is Call on Me by Eric Prydz( or something). Look up the music video and you’ll feel uncomfortable.

Then in Bob Team Epic, someone complains that the segment doesn’t have enough key frames and then they start doing the dance. Here are your key frames, b*tch!

My favorite segment is back!! It’s the young French guy who should be an arsonist. It’s Japon Migion! Today, Popuko is tasting wine and acting pretentious about it( according to subtitles). I have no clue why I thought he should be an arsonist, now.  Maybe it’s just his smile. I hope he’ll read this and be amused.

Pop Team Cooking! When they try to out ketchup on an omelet and it ends up looking like a blood bath. Everyone is running.

Which leads us into the Space Cat Company short of the Cursed Mansion!

4 friends decide to hang out at a mansion. 2 guys and 2 girls. The guy who booked the trip is the fat guy no one likes and everyone uses( you know that friend), the another guy is a fck boi, manho type who has a relationships with both girls, the girl with the blue hair likes the fck boi guy and is jealous of the other girl with brown hair because she likes him. Basically, both girls are thots.  So the story continues with Popuko and Pipimi haunting the mansion and forcing everyone to turn against each other and kill each other, so they are together in the picture forever. I’ve seen a movie like this, I think, or I’d like to think. Those characters, especially the girls probably needed to die anyways, seriously.

Those eyes in the picture. Scary….

(Playing 10 Feet Tall by Afrojack) and science in general.

We had no retro game part. Kinda sad, ya know.

I wrote this out of order…okay, where are we?

Bob Team Epic, the jetpacked swing set, bad idea, but fun idea in theory. I love how Bob is on the swing. He hasn’t been in any of the his own episode in awhile, which is weird. It’s Bob’s Team Epic.

Pop Team Stories of Old. Pipimi become and tree and Popuko can’t live without her, so they grow together. I have no clue what folk story this is. Don’t ask me.

Then the shark part. I was confused, but it was kinda funny. Heh, heh.

That’s it for me. One more episode folks!! Only one more left. What are we going to do for the rest of the year with the 20 minutes, we’ve used to watch this show? Know what I’ll do, go watch Hellsing because I need some horror in my life.

Also I feel like they should spend the last episode at least 50% of time on Girldrop because of the ending.



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  1. Berry says:

    I think the haunted mansion segment was a parody of The Shining. The second showing of it with the live commentary was strange but hilarious with the vomit story.

    I either want them to troll us with the entire final episode to be the finale of Hoshiiro Girldrop, or at least show us a segment of it. But I really want them to finally animate the infamous “Hamburger” comic so badly. I also just REALLY want a legit Hoshiiro Girldrop anime please.

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