IDOLiSH7 Episode 12

Coming into this week’s episode, I was quite surprised how the incident of both TRIGGER and Idolish7 releasing the same song initially appeared to have completely blown over as they continued to go on tour and do business as usual. It looked as though the incident hadn’t taken over the headlines due to the decision to scrap the song and go with Monster Generation instead. However we later learn they have been blacklisted by the FSC. Even though they received an offer to have a program revolve around them only, they end up losing out on it due to the pushback from the production’s sponsors. Despite it’s quiet nature, it is a lot more complicated obstacle that will be difficult to overcome.

Instead, this episode focused more on the ongoing conflicts between Tamaki and Sogo. While it feels like they are finally making head way with their partnership, they are also experiencing several set-backs due to their stubbornness of their personal flaws. Tamaki can be a child, and it is unfair for Sogo to have to babysit him, constantly. But at the same time, Sogo keeping tightlipped about his struggles despite Tamaki’s efforts to get him to spell it out to him is also a major problem.

Tamaki screwed up big time today when he was baited in by a psycho “fan” who lied to him about knowing where his sister is, and ended up missed work. As result, this incident causes Tamaki to despise his fans, because what she did was equivalent to a betrayal. But while the boys were rather lenient with Tamaki, understanding why he did it, and gently explained to him he needs to prioritize work, but Sogo… At first I thought he was mad, but when I went back to get a closer look, Sogo looked more as though his soul was sucked right out of him. His eyes, they looked broken, hopeless and empty.

This is why I am so worried about Sogo’s condition. He has no way of releasing his stress because he keeps it bottled up inside of him, and as result he has collapsed. Frankly speaking, he had me thinking he was going to collapsed during a concert, he’s lucky that he didn’t, but oh dear- I hope it won’t be too serious.

It was nice to see Sogo is getting a bit more limelight on his backstory, further hinting the nature of his family’s conflict, dropping clues behind the reason why he “betrayed”/”abandoned” them. By doing so, they gave us an idea why he behaves the way he does. His conversation with Tamaki about why he became an idol gave us a glimpse of his internal struggle. Sogo decided to become an idol for “Self-Proof” aka: “Showing the world who you are”, but he feels like he’s doing the same thing he was doing at home.

It sounds like Sogo is trying to break out of the bad habit of behaving the way that is expected of him. But when Sogo keeps everything to himself, and when he does that, it makes it hard for others to learn about who he is as an individual. I think more than wanting to show the world who he is, it is more about him trying identify who he is- unless, he comes from a household where he was basically non-existent. Right now, after reflecting on his empty expression, I am getting the sense he repeating a similar cycle of struggle he had back at home: Working so hard, but in the end it’s all for naught. He is tired, and perhaps there is a part of him that feels he is just done with it all, done with struggling. Or I could be completely off the mark altogether!

Finally, of all the members of the group, it is Nagi who is the most bitter about the their song being stolen. I can’t imagine he will sit on and hands and let this go quietly. His anger had me thinking for a second he himself might be the one who writes the song, but ahahahaha- I don’t think that is actually that case- but that would be quite an epic twist now wouldn’t it?

Oh, and the new ED song is absolutely fantastic!!!! This song takes the #1 slot for me! Also a moment of appreciation for Arina Tanemura’s drop-dead GORGEOUS art?! I hope she will be releasing an artbook collection of Idolish7. I would buy that!


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5 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    Given Idolish’s popularity, an artbook is entirely possible. The question is just when it’ll come out.

    Personally I’d go for an anime version of Tanemura Arina’s mangas, but she’s said she wants no anime of her works ever.
    Word is she was upset at some anime adaptations of her earlier works, Full Moon wo Sagashite and Phantom Thief Jeanne, for not being fully faithful to their source mangas (and thus her expectations).

    On a side note, do you plan to watch/review AICO Incarnation and B the Beginning? They’re the latest Netflix-exclusive anime titles to land this month. All 12 episodes of each series are up for bingewatching, per Netflix catering to its core bingeviewer subscribers. (Otherwise there’s the high seas (of piracy), but that’s a secret!)

    AICO’s director, character designer and soundtrack composer worked on 2013’s Suisei no Gargantia; apparently you covered Gargantia back during its airing. Perhaps the connection might interest you?

    • Eva says:

      I suspected that’s why she doesn’t like adaptions. Once you read her series you can see the major differences between her original works and the adaptions, some of them are as though they are telling two different stories. I completely understand her frustration, I would be too.

      Thanks for bringing AICO Incarnation and B the Beginning to my attention. I saw B the Beginning the other day when I was browsing for a movie to watch, but I did not see AICO Incarnation. I’ll check for that one again to see if it’s up, otherwise it might not be available on the Canadian Netflix Library yet.

      • zztop says:

        How did you find B the Beginning? My opinion (and others) is it felt like 2 very different stories loosely tied into 1 plot (and even then 1 part felt more tacked on than the other).

        • Eva says:

          Oh I’m sorry! I haven’t seen it yet. I was referring to seeing the title in the Netflix library while looking for something to watch. I should have made that more clear, my bad!

  2. The ed song was so good and heart-breaking too since it went so well with the rain scene…the title of the song is “Ame (Rain)”. I was surprised to hear it because it is a completely new song that I didnt hear in the game. And my first impression is just “darn, so good”. You should listen all Mezzo songs when you have time because they are all amazing like this song.

    I already guessed that they would end this ep there but it still hurts me so badly seeing Sogo collapsed….T__T I don’t really blame it all on Tamaki, they both have fault in this. Tamaki has tried his best too.

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