IDOLiSH7 Episode 11

UGHHHHHHHHHHHH! IT GOT STOLEN! THE FREAKING SONG GOT STOLEN OH GOD!!!!!! I am losing my mind right now, this is so @#()**!@ dangerous for them!!!!!!!!

I lost it when they decided to press on and sing the song. I had to rip off my headphones at that point because I just couldn’t listen. It was too brutal. All I could do was yell at my screen, “WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WOULD YOU STILL SING IT JUST SECONDS AFTER TRIGGER RELEASES IT!!!!” Like that’s freaking suicide! This is how Yatome intends to smear them and smash them for once and for well. What puts Idolish7 at such a disadvantage in this fight is not only because they are new, but it’s in their records and been filmed and out on the internet how they performed TRIGGER’s songs in front of their concert hall. Had they performance the song just a few seconds earlier, maybe, MAYBE they would gain some leverage. But the problem here is TRIGGER is huge, established, and the hottest group on the market- AKA Goliath. It makes me physically ill knowing just how badly this will backfire on Idolish7.

And ohhhhhh boy, Nagi is pissed. The angriest we have seen him to date. Nobody messes with his BFF song! (I’m like 99% sure they are best friends!)  At this point I am quite convinced Zero is the anonymous composer for Idolish7’s songs, who is a legend to boot. But taking into consideration how carefully Zero has been keeping himself out of the spotlight of the entertainment world, even though this will piss him off, I highly doubt he will step forward to claim his work. I am a bit anxious and excited to see what Nagi will do. But I sure as hell hope that bloody thief who calls himself a composer is not related to him. That would freaking suck.

Frankly speaking, I am shocked Yamato figured it would be best for them to go ahead and sing the song. I thought he’d be a bit sharper than that. But at times like this, oh my god, Tsumugi, girl- you need to act quickly! You can’t just stand there in shock, you gotta protect your boys! It’s called Damage Control!!!

Ah man, and really, I don’t like chewing Tsumugi out, but the writers are making it really hard for me not to. I was not pleased to hear she is using Iori’s ideas again. In fact, what are her ideas?! Right now her character is so hollow, there is no way for me to identify what could be her ideas. I hate how it feels more like her character is deteriorating rather than undergoing important developments. And what makes this so frustrating is that I know she can be a strong character! One of her strengths is her persistence, and dedication, but at the same time, she can be such a doormat. More often than not, just about everything seems to walk all over her. I want to see the fierce Tsumugi we know she can be! I think the last time we saw her take the wheel, was when the storm caused a blackout!

This ordeal is undoubtedly going to cause Idolish7 to experience major setbacks once again. The only way they could possibly recover from this is if the composer confesses his crime of stealing their song. Interestingly enough, Tenn sensed he did not write the song, but decided to go along with it anyways. However with how he has been incredibly hostile to Riku and took upon the role of the senior savage giving Idolish7 members an earful on the elevator, I question how reliable he will be in this conflict. But yet again, currently it appears Tenn has yet to learn that Gaku at the very least, has learned the truth about his relationship with Riku.

I was quite surprised to learn neither Gaku nor Ryuunosuke were aware the two were brothers, therefore oblivious to Tenn’s betrayal. It turns out, he isn’t as open to the others as I thought he might have been. That being said, I’m bummed out that we didn’t get see the conversation between Gaku and Riku, especially with how friendly the guy is. Like my god, he is polar opposite to his father. He is definitely at the top of my bias list right now, I love him to death. But I definitely feel like we will be seeing their conversation in a flashback at some point, perhaps next week if Gaku chooses to confront Tenn about it, or perhaps his father since he was the one who recruited Tenn in the first place.

Speaking of family, dear god… We have yet another problem to worry about. Unfortunately Sogo had not been able to discipline Tamaki enough to prevent him him from making a verbal agreement to participate in the program after a producer approached him with a carrot on the stick, claiming he heard “rumours” about him searching for his long lost sister, and how they ‘hope’ to have their program help him do that. Immediately, I was nervous about it because it could be yet another trap prepared by Sousuke. The whole thing feels too good to be true, and the fact he doesn’t know anything related to the project, nor gotten Tsumugi’s permission. And while I acknowledge this is Tamaki’s greatest flaw- I would be lying if I said it doesn’t annoy me. Rather, I can’t stand it Some people think Tamaki’s main irritating feature is his obsession with pudding, but for me, its his bratty attitude.

On the bright side, before we were thrown in the pit of hell itself, the episode had its cute and funny moments. My favourite had to be when Riku starting speaking in front of the door. We the audience already knew TRIGGER claimed the entire top floor, so I knew there was no way in hell it was going to be Tenn’s door, but either Gaku’s, Ryuu’s or an empty room. But poor Riku, how awkward is that to lay your heart out only for someone else to hear! Bwahaha, his fault for not knowing which room he was in!

Next week, man it’s going to be so stressful to watch. Battle of David VS Goliath begins! Who will come up on top, and who will fall?! It is an understatement to say, Idolish7 is turning out to be an incredible rollar-coaster ride.


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11 Responses

  1. Hello! I wanted to point out that Sousuke, for a change, actually wasn’t aware the song was stolen either. You can see it in this episode too, he simply wanted a song ‘good enough for Trigger, better than Idolish7’s’. The composer went desperate and stole it from Takanashi Productions, but that was a decision he made on his own. Sousuke is still going to do some nasty things in the future but this one (in my opinion the lowest blow in the first part of the game) at least wasn’t on him ww

    Also I agree that seeing i7 singing Natsu Shiyouze sure hurt! We didn’t get to hear their version (despite being originally theirs) in the game till a year after the story was released so while it was a real treat to see it in the anime it sure brought back painful memories www You may think that it was a bad decision to sing the song despite Trigger releasing it just seconds before but that was a song the guys loved very much and they knew they wouldn’t be able to sing it anymore as theirs after that, so it was like their ‘first and last time performing it’, Not to mention at the moment they didn’t have a song they could release as a ‘new song for their debut cd’ as previosly announced, so there really wasn’t another choice. It was just good luck it happened at a street performance and not at a large venue.

    • Eva says:

      LOL Well that composer just ended his career right there. Sousuke will be furious when this comes out, but karma can be quite a bitch when you’re actively attempting to destroy groups with stardom potential! Looks like he will have a scandal on his hands!

  2. zztop says:

    Question for source game players – does the game’s story provide chances for Tsumugi to shine as manager, or does it usually downplay/sideline her in favour of the male casts’ Drama?

    I’m asking this because I’ve heard some games of this type tend to neuter the POV MC’s competency so they don’t overshadow the main cast, who usually tend to be the selling point of the franchise. Or the plot is so overly focused on the cast’s struggles until they forgot a POV MC even existed in the 1st place (not that the target fanbase minds, since the MCs are just for their self-insert to begin with).

    • Eva says:

      I am curious about this as well. I find too many games tend to water down the MC’s abilities, making them entirely dependent on the other characters, as oppose to giving the players some form of power.

    • Miaeka says:

      I haven’t played the entire story, but I know most of part 2, and yeah, Tsumugi is kind of just there… Truth be told she’s a sweetheart, but compared to the intense backstories that all the idol boys seem to have, she’s like…meh.

      Gaku gets a crush on her lol

    • She does get them, especially on part 2! But the main focus of the game is the 12 guys, so there isn’t that many scenes with her in the story compared to the others. You gotta keep in mind that she’s a new manager in part 1 too.

      Actually if you want to see more of her and her role as a manager a way to do that is reading rabbit chats, a feature in the game that consists of Tsumugi text messaging the Idolish7, Trigger and later Revale members. You get to find out how she goes to study other groups’ rehearsals, learn how to drive for the guys, manage their drama and photoshoots collaborations, etc. Her relationship with the guys is very sweet and supportive too, which is the reason she’s overall beloved by the players.

  3. Miaeka says:

    Somebody on the MAL discussion for this episode linked to the game side story that shows what Gaku and Riku talked about. If you’re interested, I can also spoil you on the composer xD

    • Eva says:

      Thanks for the offer, but I would prefer not to read any spoilers. ;)

      • Miaeka says:

        No problem :P I myself didn’t bother to get updated on the game story but once the anime started airing waiting for episodes and all the foreshadowing stuff pissed me off so I gave in xD
        There’s more than enough content for a season 2 and with the money the franchise has made in just like 2 yrs I’m betting on one

  4. Williukea says:

    I’ve been thinking on why Tenn seems to hate his brother so much. According to Riku, it was fine before he left and they were friends, but now it seems that he hates Riku. Why? He could still be an idol yet talk and meet with his little twin brother and be friendly. My theory is that he’s trying to protect Riku by rejecting him, which is actually common in anime. But who is he trying to protect him from? Mass media? I’m sure they would have a field day if they learn that the famous Kujo Tenn has a less successful sickly twin brother and may turn him into a cash cow sob story. Yaotome Sr? If he’s the man from the flashback, he seems to know of Riku already. Some other unknown yet enemy? Hmmm…

    • I don’t think Tenn hates Riku, he is just cold to Riku. I do feel it is unecessary for Tenn to act that way, but when he has the chance he totally spoils Riku a lot. I dont think the anime would show it tho sice I remember it would be in around part 2 or so. Well, we can think it as a way for Tenn to make Riku grow up since Tenn spoiled Riku a lot in the past, which makes Riku feels more betrayed.

      As for the reason why Tenn left, you are right about protecting Riku, but it seems not the case anymore. Unknown enemy….im not sure we can put it that way but there are indeed unknown factors.

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