Hugtto! Precure Episode 7

This week we learned more about Saaya’s secret, and it actually turns out to be a big one. Her role as “Veggie Girl” was the last time she succeeded an audition, but ever since she started being compared to her mother (a famous actress), she started to overthink and experience a bit of stage fright while auditioning. This is why she hasn’t been able to pass any up until now, even though she as been trying on what sounds like a regular basis. However Saaya doesn’t know if she even wants to become an actress, so she continues to apply for auditions in hopes she will be able to find an answer. In the end, Saaya did not pass today’s audition, which was a nice twist, showing one does not simply pass because they are the protagonist, a positive thing for the younger audience to see, to know it’s not the end of the world if they fail. They can always try again.

I am happy that we are going to see the girls undergo their first “level-up” so to speak, over the course the next few episodes. It started off with Saaya, “unlocking a new power” by looking deep within her heart. But in reality, it wasn’t really unlocking a brand new power, it was more like buffing her current abilities. But there was one problem: It was super anticlimactic. At first it was looking good, I was excited, and then when she did her speech and summon her enhanced power, I was confused. What is she doing? What did she do exactly? Throw a shield at him? How it at any different than what she usually does? Maybe it’s just a bit more stronger than usual? Either way, I was quite disappointed.

But you know what was super cool?! Lulu’s “Transformation” Sequence! They put the budget into her, and I 100% support their decision. IT WAS SO WORTH IT! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS I TELL YOU! It was so nice to see a villain, especially one like Lulu be spoiled like this. The only downside of course was that she really didn’t get to do anything, and besides Cure Ange being buffed, nothing actually happened.

To be honest, I think the lacklustre villain fights are the weakest point of the series so far. When I think about the past Precure series I watched, I don’t remember being this bored while watching these fights happen. Sure, the girls are going to win for a while, that is to be expected, but something is missing and I can’t put my finger on what.

And while we are on the subject of the villains: The writers did not do Pupple any favour by having her skip out on the job by having Lulu fill in, while she goes out on a date. Pupple’s lack of resolve doesn’t make her a believable villain, so I question their decision to make her character like this. Of course this wouldn’t be the first time we have seen a lazy villains, and some do stupid things like Pupple does, shoving their work onto others, but the villain’s theme is all about being part of an evil corporation, therefore is causes the role as the “employee” to stand out more than usual. This is also why I feel like the theme they have decided to go with, is either hindering them or is just not being executed very well. Perhaps it would be better to make the villains more highly motivated, competitive with one another in attempts to rise in the ranks, as oppose to the likes of Pupple, who is slacking off. Rivalry amongst the villains usually adds the much needed flair to the fights, since they want to bring back positive results to the boss.

Other than that, I enjoyed the episode. It was so cute, even hilarious with the way Homare and Hana decided to crash the audition in order to help Saaya relax!

Next week, I assume it will be Homare’s turn to have her power enhanced (despite only being on the team for three episodes now). Some guy, a Russian Skater, (go figure) has come to see her. By the sound of it, he wants her to come with him back to Moscow. Well we all know she’s going to refuse, so I am curious to see whether or not they will throw in a a surprise, to make the episode a tad less predictable.


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5 Responses

  1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

    Oh god, I simply couldn’t care less about Not-Rikka (and her ugly mother) despite the whole episode centered around her, so it’ll be fine to focus on some other spotlights and I actually got it: Ranko’s (from Go Princess Precure as Kirara’s “rival”) doppelganger serving as not-Rikka’s foil and of course Lulu’s debut battle. That being said, I’m SUPER triggered upon seeing Not-Yurio (probably his ugly twin from Yuri!!! on Ice) hugging Homare like THAT and drag her back to Moscow to “resurrect” her ice skating career! Considering Homare is my absolute favorite character in Hugtto, I hate seeing other guy around her so casually!! >:(

    “I think the lacklustre villain fights are the weakest point of the series so far. ”

    Actually it’s more than that. Most characters so far are really unlikable (bar Homare who is superbly well-written & Lulu who is poised to be a fan favorite), the plot is quite a juggled mess and like you said, the fights are unbelievably one-dimensional and bland even though this season marks the return of physical fights (because Kirakira Precure didn’t have those until its last two episodes). Overall, I don’t like how people from various forums across the web already compared this to Go Princess Precure whose earliest episodes were actually amazing.

    • elior1 says:

      i not comparing to go princess precure but so far i enjoying this season and sayya is my feivorite

    • elior1 says:

      also if you seen the teaser for hugtto movie what do you think about the idea of futari wa precure heroines honoka and nagisa which was the very first cures with huggto in one movie? i think it weird combination

      • Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

        I only recognized their names in All Stars movies. My first full season Precure experience was Suite Precure 7 years ago.

  2. littleshogun says:

    Forget to comment last week, but the main director of HugPC is indeed Junichi Sato so maybe you can expect the battle will be going like Sailor Moon. Speaking about battle, it’s quite ironic that the main employee of Curiasu was willing to fight and yet they still can’t deal a blow to PreCure, while our Lulu who supposed to be only part time worker was managed to deal a blow to PreCure. Or perhaps it might be intentional though, seeing that our Lulu might be an android looking from of how hi tech her summoning was. As for the summoning, I think it could be the animation bank thing so they need only once to animated Lulu’s summoning.

    As for more info in regard of Lulu’s, Spoiler


    actually right now she was quite topical considering that there’s a leak in regard of her future role as the 4th Cure. Speaking about that, her dance was pretty blatantly foreshadow her role as the dancer later when she joined the party. Also if you interested with when the plot will be going, I think episode 9 should have another character who rumored to be the 5th Cure and so we’ll gonna have five Cures for this season like YPC5 and DDPC. For the fight, I think they’ll gonna have the better animation when the cadres (ie Chararit, Lulu, and Papple) decided to get serious and confront the Cures directly instead of using Oshimaida, and looking from the pattern I think Chararit will confront the Cures directly first seeing that he’s the weakest (Should be around wpisode 10-11 seeing the current pattern from last series).

    For the last word here, good review as usual and I think Saaya’s child song was quite ear worming.

    PS – To Vantage here, if you want Aoi Yuki in PreCure then you can watch Kira Kira PreCure movie and her role there was Cook who is the bad guy.

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