Hugtto! Precure Episode 6

It is a bit unfortunate to say not a lot happened in this week’s episode. It was one of those slow ones that fail to make any significant contributions to progressing the main storyline, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t cute to watch! The girls and Harry went off to the home center to hang out, only to volunteer helping out a florist whose employees couldn’t come in because they were sick. Then later Harry loses track of Hugtan and the baby sends the group on a wild goose chase. It was rather amusing to see to see Hugtan escape capabilities, proving to some degree, she can be one heck of an escape artist. Good luck catching this baby, villains!

What entertained me the most was the subtle shade thrown my Hana’s father, when he told Harry, “…bring a good sense of responsibility”. Although Harry messed up by failing to do his one job of watching Hugtan, as silly as it looked, it was clever of him to use the Lost Chid system to call in the girls, proving to be the most effective way for them to regroup.

Then we have our latest villain to debut, Pupple! Right off the bat, I felt as though something was missing and sure enough, when she finally faces off agains the precure, it felt incredibly weak and forgettable. Unlike Charaleet (who has shown to actually put in the effort of searching for the Mirai Crystal White), Pupple came across as lazy and boring. Sure she acts as thought she is a Diva, but she is certainly not a convincing one. Fortunately for us, in next week’s episode, it looks like our lovely Lulu will finally be taking part in the action! So hopefully the villains will start pulling themselves together. Despite it only being six episodes in, they aren’t doing a very good job of making a name for themselves.

The surprise factor of the episode however was setting up Saaya’s unexpected background. It turns out when she was younger, she was a part of a TV Program and was known as “The Veggie Girl”. It looks like next week will be following up on that when Saaya considers whether or not she wants to audition for a program. I wonder what her backstory to her dream is?

Actually, in the matter of fact, Saaya gave us another surprise, her keen interest in power-tools! Seeing her gush about them was absolutely ADORABLE!!!! I loved seeing that, especially when Saaya appears as though she is a delicate flower. It is safe to say she is certainly breaking the mold when it comes it comes down to sweet appearances!

Saaya is BEST GIRL!!!!

Of course I cannot forge to mention the use of the Mirai Pad. It showed us it has a multi-functional purpose, enabling the girls to “change outfits”, much like the PreCards we have seen in Happiness Charge. Though it is supposed to replicate a tablet, I couldn’t help but also think of it as a “portable closet”. When you look at it, it does look like one, doesn’t it?


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3 Responses

  1. elior1 says:

    eva those big wings on saya in the preview are the same from the opening wings. it will be intresting to see what will trigger them

  2. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

    Dearie me, after all the solid buildup in episodes 3-5 leading to Homare’s transformation to Cure Etoile, this episode was NOT funny but rather cringey. I’m slowly running out of patience to see Hugtan’s mischievous behavior almost every episode and I absolutely CANNOT stand Not-Rikka, which is why it infuriates me that the next episode will be focusing on her past as a child actress. Homare-centric episodes might be my only lure of watching Hugtto so far because various forums on the net are already comparing this season to Go Princess which I strongly disagrees because most of the characters were simply unlikable, the story pacing was quite a shambles (apart from the Homare episodes) and I definitely prefer the trio of Haruka, Minami & Kirara over them (which again, Homare is one exception but Hana & Not-Rikka, meh).

    • elior1 says:

      for me hugtto precure so far been good even with this episode also episode 7 of saya was pretty good unlike this one so you should give her a chance

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