Hataraku Onii-San Episode 8 and 9( Is the koala not in episode 9?Que?)

The koala wasn’t in Episode 9 at all and also they didn’t even work in that episode. What is that???? I guess the koala only shows up when they working. Don’t worry, I watched the episode 3 times to check for him because I didn’t think that was true.

In Episode 9, we saw what those two did on their days off. Kuehiko is trying to avoid him hardcore. It’s like when go to Wal-Mart or Target( places where everyone goes), you are making sure to avoid people you don’t like.

He avoids Tapio until he gets to the game store. RIP. Anyways, I think Tapio comes up with the new nickname for him every episode and he always like “ Who dis?”

I love how those bats are learned about customer service from each other instead of the 2 main leads… Someone’s working in this episode.

Then him and Tapio played rip-off Mario Karts, which was interesting. I really just want to talk about the part where Kuehiko say you’ll never understand me. What does that even mean? At least, Tapio didn’t hear that, he was asleep.

But still, what does that even mean? Before he said that, Tapio said that he has worked many jobs with them, but still hasn’t gotten to know him that well. Is he trying to mysterious? Is he in them shady deals? Drug dealer? Clearly, him and Tapio have 2 different childhoods and different lives outside of working. The plot in the short show thickens. What a twist?( said exactly like in Robot Chicken, look it up on Youtube)

I did this out of order. Now unto Episode 8. Episode 9 was way more interesting. They work at an anime shop in this episode. Honestly, I would love to that. Being paid to be around something you love? Ay! ( Not that I don’t like the old people I serve at my job…okay sometimes I don’t) So their boss is a chicken/rooster called Niwa who forgets things as soon as he takes three steps. I think that is a myth or something. I remember when I was kid, there was story about a rabbit tricking a rooster or something. Honestly, rabbits trick everyone and they do everyone dirty, so I don’t know for sure.

So anyways, they have to hang up this poster for a new anime and the whole staff is holding the ____(boss) up, so he can reach the hooks. Kuehiko got wrecked because he was at the bottom.

When they are fixing shelves, Tapio picks up a book and the koala is in it and he says: “ Half of the world doesn’t know how the other lives…” Also, the koala is rescuing a princess( rescuing? she already looks dead??) from a dragon in the comic. And cats (that happen to look like Kuehiko and Tapio are in the comic) are watching the koala save the princess. Wait, is this referencing two suitors fighting over a princess, and then the princess dies, but suitors continue to fight each other because they don’t care and then another guy kills them both because they let the princess die! I know that story.

Does he mean in general? Like people to people? I don’t have any mental disorders, but so many of m friends have anxiety, autism, and other disease. I don’t understand them that much, which causes me to be a d**k sometimes( and most of times I don’t mean to). I guess I have something to learn from this.



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