Hataraku Onii-san Episode 11( Egotistic boss, and the crazy restaurant job)

Today, Tapio and Kuehiko are working in yakuniku shop. It’s basically a place where they have grills in the middle of table and people cook it. They also make side dishes, that people can enjoy. Would this catch on in America? I don’t know. If I wanted to grill something, I would do it at home. That’s just me at least. And my dad makes good burgers.

Their boss is a self-centered bull who considers himself A-5 meat named Matsuka. But wait I have a question, if this is an animal society, why are they eating beef and other animals? So technically, they are eating themselves. A cow is cooking a brisket.. Okay, I thought too much into that. I’m going to stop while I’m ahead.

Matsuka gets close to people when he’s talking to them and instead of showing Kuehiko the cuts of meat on the picture, he shows him on himself, and that’s where I almost died.

At work yesterday, I got yelled at by my co-worker because I never work breakfast and I don’t know what the f*ck to do. I tried to ask clarifying questions and all she would do is yell at me. I was not happy. But it could be my fault because I’ve only worked 2 breakfast shift in the last 6 months and I should’ve remembered how to do it. At least the bosses and co-workers in this show are more supporting and helpful. I’m done. It was relevant, though. I’m always complaining. I need to stop while I’m ahead of myself. Ugh, that just bothered me.

Then when Tapio takes out one of the grill and puts it in the table, the koala pops out and says:

What does that even mean? Great ideologies are born from the stomach? Well, there have been some good ideas for food and there have been some bad ones. Is it that food plays a big part in our culture and ideas come from food? Okay, I’m thinking way too much into that. Way too much..

Then the koala just starts eating their food. Haha!

Okay, everyone. There is 2 more episodes left. Where are they going to work in the last 2 episodes. Hopefully, it’s somewhere interesting at least.


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