[First Impression] Mahou Shoujo Ore – Ep 1 & 2

Crunchyroll has done us a favor and rolled out the first two episodes of Mahou Shoujo early, proceeding evening the Japanese TV release date. So let’s take a look at what we have in the first two episodes.

This entire premise is insane. Everything in both of these episodes is absurd.

Episode one begins in a dream sequence with the main character Saki Uno dreaming of being a magical girl or maybe, being in a TV show where she’s playing a magical girl? The fourth wall here was non-existent, as the villian stole the color from the scene around here a note saying colored broadcast showed up into the corner showed up to signal to the audience that nothing was wrong. Because if everything was in black and white people might call in and complain and get the show canceled in the first three minutes and the rest of the timeslot would have to be taken up with pretty nature pictures. She uses her ultimate attack to defeat the demon and bring color back to the world and she is saved by the token ‘Tuxedo Mask’ character who we later see is based off her crush.
This dream is honestly the least strange thing in the episode!

After waking up, we see her go to perform with her idol partner Sakuyo Mikage. The girls put on a performance but pull away to see that there was nobody watching their a failed idol group. Meanwhile, Mikage’s brother and his idol partner Hyoue are doing a live TV performance. Saki’s crush on Mikage’s brother is the driving point that later turns her to a [male] magical girl.
The performance that the girls put on was nice and I’ve been saying from the PV that their song sounded like it was a parody of the Cutie Honey opening and my joke was validated by the ‘Honeyed flash’ line that ended the song.

So Saki heads home and at her door sees a guy who looks like he’s straight out of the Yakuza looking for her mother. It turns out the yakuza guy is actually a magical girl mascot and her mother is an ex-magical girl.Her mother has thrown out her back and needs to retire from being a magical girl.
So they want Saki to take it up. Which she is totally against until she finds out demons are stealing her crush and about to drag him into the underworld.

So she goes to save him and professes her love to him to transform.
Dear lord on high, so first off, the demons remind me a lot of the Poochoo from Excel Saga. Second off, the idea of the fact that her crush [Mohiro Mikage] has a crush on her boy form and is slightly afraid of her female form is just insane. To top it all off Sakuyo is in love with Saki as we see in episode two. So, there is all kinds of wacky love shenanigans.

No confirmation yet, but I am also 99% sure that Hyoue is the main villain or at least the first villain of the series…look this show has like 0 transparency. I am expecting everything to be super up front and predictable as part of the joke. If this honestly comes out

of left field and strikes me with something surprising down the line i’ll be pretty thrown for a loop.

With that being said, in the second episode we set up Sakuyo’s feelings for Saki and meet up with a tentacle demon. Which looks like a Poochoo body hanging out of Ursala’s body. We are treated [tortured] with a few minutes of reverse fanservice or anti-fanservice I guess? Is there a niche for big bara guys being felt up by…you know what, I’m gonna stop that train of thought right there.

Sakuyo steps in, professes her love to Saki and transforms into a [male] magical boy. This is the cliffhanger we are left on along with Hyoue or…guy who is totally not Hyoue but is probably Hyoue in the shadows muttering that another one has appeared. Though this person at the end could be their idol manager who is a magical girl fanatic, who I also believe to be evil until proven innocent.

Overall impression:

This entire show was ridiculous from beginning to end, I think the best way I could describe it is like if Sailor Moon, Binan Koukou, Jojo and Excel Saga all got together and had a baby. I am not entirely sure how to feel about it. While it’s everything I could expect and more from something that promised me straight up absurdity. I am struggling to think I could cover it weekly, most of all I could say about this show was “Boy…that was one hell of a trip.”
The one thing I am sure of is that I am very much convinced the faces from this show will become internet memes to rival the ‘ok’ meme from One Punch Man. I’ll be watching for sure, I’ll think some more on covering…there is still some time until the third episode will air.
I promised my friend I would re-watch these episodes with her later so giving it a second look might change my opinion one way or another.

Possibility of watching: high
Possibility of covering: Moderate


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  1. zztop says:

    The source manga is complete at 2 volumes, so the anime will likely fully cover the manga.

    The anime will also have 2 anime-original Macho Shoujo characters.

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