DARLING in the FRANXX Episode 8

This week’s episode had a very awkward way to start, but I loved how it paid off in the end of forcing an important discussion and fight that led them to just scratching the surface behind the truth of their roles. It all started off with the girls being (rightfully) pissed off at the boys for ogling them both at the beach and when the Klaxosaur goop melted their Parasite Suit. But they had a petty way of going about it, which was dividing the house up, marking their territory, warning the boys not to cross the line. The boys retaliate with their own pettiness (presumingly with Goro’s guidance) and exploit the situation by walking around in their underwear, and claiming the food area. That of course was where Goro was willing to make the exception for them to go in, but the girls stubbornly believed it was a trap and refused.

And so the girls look to Zero Two who has been otherwise neutral throughout this entire fight. Of course being the mischievous little devil, she cleverly tricks both parties by setting them up so they end up seeing everyone naked in the baths. For Zero Two, participating in this “human fight” was exhilarating, and it helped her feel like she could be human too. It was childish of her to steal everyone’s clothes leaving them stranded in the baths like that, but it was the least I expected from her, and it was hysterical!

The pay off was how this confrontation encouraged both the girls and boys to not only reflect on themselves, but on each other. It’s quite interesting to see how neither side have ever thought of putting themselves in their partners’ shoes or consider their feelings. It made them realize how they didn’t understand each other at all and they should do more to support one another.

Then there was a dark turn when Miku locked herself in a room that was off-limits to them. There she and the rest of the members discover a picture of the previous children of Squad 13. That is when Zero Two confirms their fear: The former members were wiped out, putting the spotlight on the elephant in the room: What happens to Parasites.

It was about time they start catching on, but it this discovery hit the group hard, and it served as the key to their reconciliation of their petty fight. It was then when they realized just how important is it for them to get to know each other better and support one another, since it could potentially be the key to their survival.

And this gets me thinking, how do Parasites typically behave? Squad 26 already dropped an important piece of information of how the members of Squad 13 are unique, not only because they call each other by their names (as oppose to their numbers), but also they pilot flashy FRANXX. The only thing I wonder is how new are these FRANXX machines? Did the former members of Squad 13 pilot them, or are they brand new prototypes? Another particularly interesting tidbit to keep in the back of our minds is how Squad 13 is constantly being referred to “Test Team”. What test are they undergoing? Whatever it is, Zero Two is certainly shaking it up, creating an unprecedented abnormality.

This leads me back to DR. Franxx wanting to keep the development of the kids’ puberty a secret from the higher-ups. APE’S manual mentioned how the caretakers should intervene and resolve the issue immediately, indicating perhaps the higher-up don’t want the children to mingle with one another. This could possibly explain why they started off with seating at separate tables, one for the boys, another for the girls.

But perhaps one of the most under-rated developments in this episode was actually when Zero Two goes out of her way to encourage the girls to speak their mind, and to live whole-heartedly, since they are going to die sooner or later. It was great to see Kokoro put this in to practice. Earlier in the episodes she expressed to Mitsuru at the greenhouse that she was too scared to speak up, but by the end of it, she musters up the courage to speak her mind, and with such conviction too. It is also worth pointing out she definitely took some knowledge from the book she read in regards to child birth, as she mentioned there are certain things that can be done with the help of the boys and vice versa.

And Kokoro is definitely one of the quieter characters who has been gradually creeping into the spotlight. I like her a lot and I am every excited to see what kind of development she will undergo. (I still can’t get over Futoshi having the guts to tell Kokoro he couldn’t but stare at her because she was amazingly beautiful. Dude, I know you mean it, but she was soooo embarrassed, poor girl!)

Lastly, I found it absolutely adorable how Zorome and Miku are so alike. Their are stubborn, constantly bickering and butting heads, but they are adorable together. I seriously can’t see them paired up with anyone else.


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4 Responses

  1. K says:

    I don’t like Mtsuru. I think he is too anti-social…

    • Kdfe001 says:

      …and did you see how Mitsuru and glasses girl (I forget her name) acted towards one another in the beach episode? They’re obviously mismatched as partners, so I’m expecting to see some drama (perhaps a triangle between them and Kokoro – she and Mitsuru are constantly meeting in the greenhouse, after all).

      • Eva says:

        Thank god I’m not the only one who thinks this as well. I mentioned it in the previous episode, but I this is precisely why I don’t know what to feel. On one hand, Futoshi and Kokoro are really cute together, but at the same time, it feels like something is brewing between Kokoro and Mitsuru- especially since now they kind of exchanged wordless secrets. But then there’s the fact Mitsuru can be such an asshole, and Kokoro deserves the world!

  2. I Love Anime says:

    This how you do a ‘Battle of the sexes’ episode. Have both sides be justified in their anger – the girls were rightfully annoyed that the boys didn’t inform them of their wardrobe malfunction sooner, but it was understandably distracting for the boys to have their shapely female partners gradually exposed to them like that – and have both sides acknowledge that segregating themselves will exacerbate the breakdown in communication on top of being inconvenient for everyone.

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