Pop Team Epic Episode 6

Pop Team Epic Episode 6

That cooking is the funniest part of the show. “Please tell me when to stop putting in sugar.” She says stop. Continues adding sugar.

The first skit. I think they made fun of shounen anime in general. When they were playing shogi, I automatically thought of Naruto. Then when the penultimate( second to last) opponent came in, I was reminded of One Punch Man, the karate master( snakehands or dragon hands..something like that..he was a higher class hero at least…) Then the direct Dragonball reference with them saying Kimi no wa. Someone needed to make fun of that movie. It was so good, that no one made fun of it yet. Soundtrack was fire, light novel was fire, animation was fire, story was fire….even the manga looks pretty good, decent art!

And the female commentator. She made everything sexual or said irrelevant things at important times in the matches. And what’s important about having double eyelids? Why did I even have to look that up.. okay then, it’s kinda gross( says the person becoming a nurse).

Then the actual comic skit. There was the weird one where Pipimi is thinking about random stuff while Popuko is talking. Who the h*** is Hellshake Yano? Part of me wants to look it up, part of me knows it’s going to be weird.

Then there is the one where the girl on the TV is calling her boyfriend her “pippi-beau” and Popuko is like” ain’t nobody call their boyfriend that” and then she tries to call Pipimi that.

Then the Bob Team Epic. Got to get regional! Regional headstand, regional flip, regional home run, and regional get sent home. I didn’t understand that at all. I think it’s an original comic skit, though. Remind of those tourists that come to my town and they ask you questions like “ what do you think your region is most famous for?” And I answer back “ For the polluted rivers, lakes and streams and for being known as tourist destination even though there is nothing there.” Unrelated, but relevant.

Then the blanket one again! I think it was more funny as a Bob Team Epic Skit, then an OG skit. The mattress and alarm clock, though. That killed me.

Hoshiiro Girldrop..(head shake). That next episode synopsis. “Me and Dachii are sleeping in the same room in the inn!” Since it is a generic romcom with an idol show mixed, I bet nothing will happen in the inn( Everyone: (swipe sweat off forehead))

Make sure to subscribe!! Otherwise I’ll kill you. It was nighttime when I watched this and the room was dark and that scene creeped me out. Just a little.

Everyone said this episode was kind of boring. Compared to other episodes of this show, yes. I think they checking if everyone is still here. And they are going to kill the next episode. The next episode will be so funny, that everyone will be on the floor.

Since we are halfway through the show, let’s have a small reflection. I liked this show, so far, since it basically just a giant meme/s**tpost of weird happenings. It doesn’t bother me at all and I’m also laughing every episode. But I feel like my ability to watch something serious is gone. I have literally not been able to watch a show with actual plot in weeks. I probably should go and watch something extremely sad and serious.

Til next week, y’all later!

Chance of me watching an Extremely Sad Show: 25%

Chance of me watching a Funny Show: 99.8%


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