Hataraku Onii-san Episode 5( Perception is the Key)

Hataraku Onii-san Episode 5( Perception is the Key)

I’m starting to warm up to this show’s warm humor. I’m later than most, but still there.

They found another part-time job, this time window washing on top of a tallish skyscraper. Their boss is an orangutan.

Kuehiko is afraid of heights, so I have no clue why he came, but I guess he needs to have character development. And if he is afraid of height how did he even get in the basket that lowers them up and down the building. To be honest, he probably got pushed in. Like me at Six Flag’s Scream( or Saquatch). That ride is the one that boost you up so you can see the whole park( which is pretty cool by the way), and drops you back down really fast. My little brother was like, ” Let’s go on this ride!” and my dumb self said ” Oh sure, lets go!”. Once I was strapped in, I realized I done messed up, but it was too late to say anything. Okay, fine, it was okay. But I would never do it again.

Then they aren’t supposed to look through the windows of the people on the floors, but they do anyways( I would do it, too, not gonna lie).

There was that one bird who was using an oldschool printer…

But it was weird, I would have looked too.

Don’t forget that guy napping. I would have woken him up. Because why not??

Then there was that koala dropping that good advice like it was someone’s mixtape( okay, fine. mixtape is an old term. Well, he had fire advice, I guess.)

The koala had a point, If you keep on noticing something, it will keep on annoying you. If he just forget he was 500 ft in the air and could possibly die if fell, he would have gotten the job quicker and efficiently. When the Scream was at the top, I opened my eyes and looked down. The park was beautiful and it looked like everyone was having fun, but I also thought I was going to die if this fell. I don’t know about y’all, but I didn’t want to die on my vacation.

I have no clue why Tapio is always excited at every job, maybe it is just part of his personality, through. I wouldn’t be that excited to window wash, work a car rental place, deliver packages or work at the convenience store in the middle of the night… Everyone is more like Kuehiko person sometimes at their job. Every time I’m happy to go to go to work something kills it real quick.

Anyways, see y’all next week!

Humor: 6 out of 10( Whoop, whoop!! when your run come around…[look up the song, it’s quality])

I’m glad I kept with it. Seriously. I always stop in the middle of shows all the time. It gets really bad.



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