Gakuen Babysitters Episode 6

We see some returning characters again other than Inomata in this episode, but we also see some new faces. Even though the new faces were just smaller versions of a face we had already seen before. The first half of the episode was rather sweet. Nezu’s little brother ran off from home and got himself stuck in the bush next to where Ryu was doing laundry. As explained by his twin brother, he had ran off because he asked his dad for a video game that everyone and his best friend was playing. He felt bad because he was the only one that didn’t have it, and he comes from a poor family. To Inomata it had sounded a little bratty, but it’s pretty understandable. Luckily I my family never had problems with money and was able to get the things I wanted. For poor kids living in the age of technology, it’s probably really hard to see kids around you having the latest phones, or tablets, or consoles and video games. Back then, if it wasn’t a video game it was a popular toy. The point it, kids don’t want to be left out. But Nezu is an amazing big brother and worked hard to buy the game at a cheaper price for his brother. It’s so sweet! This little half reminds us that money isn’t always the most important thing, but the love from your family.

Yagi unfortunately was in the episode but at least he wasn’t totally creepy and annoying. It was hilarious though that the entire episode was of the top half of the kids sticking out of the bush, and Saikawa mentioning their butts in the end. Kids can be pretty stubborn.

The second half was a Kotaro episode and literally what else can I say except that I want to grab Kotaro and hug him forever, he’s so adorable. Kotaro’s first errand is probably my favorite mini story we got so far. The story for the second half is really simple: Ryu usually eats his lunch at the daycare but can’t that day because he needs to work on a chemistry report. But he accidentally forgets his lunch and Kotaro wants to take it to him, so Usaida lets him. But he sends Inui to watch him from afar, because for once Usaida realized that leaving him alone would be irresponsible.

Me watching this episode

Kotaro telling the high schoolers that he’d take his brother’s lunch himself was the cutest thing, and that was probably the longest sentence he’s said so far so that just made things even better. Everyone’s reactions to him was hilarious. It was also pretty fun that Inui was following him from behind and helped him, but only when he wore the paper bag mask. There’s really not much else to say other than that.

The little dragon girl from Kobayashi was voted as cutest kid from last year by anime fans, and I think Kotaro will easily take that spot for 2018 unless cuter kids are in other anime this year. He’s so cute!!!!



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