DARLING in the FRANXX Episode 4

Well I certainly jumped the gun thinking Mitsuru was good as dead, which throws most of my predictions for this episode the window. The one thing that did remain true was the team’s hostility towards Zero Two, and the lack of trust they have towards her. The only ones who recognized that for Hiro to pilot with Zero Two may be the best at heart were Goro and Kokoro.

Amazingly Mitsuru is still alive and kicking, but not without being haunted of what took place in the cockpit. He will refuses to ever pilot with Zero Two again, and warns even Hiro against it. He described the experience to be have been horrific, and how she smiling as she tried devoured him whole – but I think this process was more specifically when she decided to go all out. We do later hear though that she did almost kill him in one shot, and he is lucky to have survived.

It took a few episodes for Hiro finally got to pilot with Zero Two again, but it required them to break the rules. “Papa” and the rest of the higher ups wanted to send Zero Two back to the front lines as quickly as they could, not wanting to have her meddle, lest be “tainted” by the parasites. It certainly pipes my curiosity as to what makes the Stamen in Hiro’s squad consider “tainted” aside from having already formed pairs. Interestingly enough, Papa is not concerned about the lack of parasites available at Zero Two’s disposal, since despite her notorious rumours about her as a Pilot Killer (3 flights and you’re out), there’s plenty who want to pair up with her anyways (much like Hiro himself). However now that Hiro has proved he is compatible with Zero Two (though we must wait until next week to find out whether or not he will experience any side-effects – at least he didn’t fall unconscious this time!), this will certainly change things and it will be interesting to see how the higher ups will respond to this situation.

On top of that, there are some major developments underway, along with introducing the latest cast. For one, the Klaxosaurs’ have become even more active as of the late, especially the large and troublesome ones. Most of the suspicions lies in the “Kissing” process at the Plantation, but it appears there is certainly more to their sudden yet unprecedented numbers. Furthermore, it appears it is also increasingly becoming more difficult to locate the core. The larger the Klaxosaurs, the most troublesome it is. But what alarms me the most was the fact once again, the team were utterly powerless. Had Strelizia not shown up, considering how they had no idea how big the bloody thing one, let alone even realize it’s one whole beast, I have a very hard time imagining them surviving that ordeal. With that in mind, I am extremely concerned for how they will fare in the battles ahead of them, especially with their lack of experience.

Through that we learn there is another unit known as “The Nines” who are dealing with them, but apparently have other duties that require them to prioritize those first, leaving Hiro’s and other squads to cover their grounds.

As great as it was to see Hiro pilot Strelizia with Zero Two again, but the second Hiro said, “I feel myself going deeper inside of you.” I burst into such a fit of laughter. For real, I couldn’t breathe for a good minute or two. What gave it a good kick to the joke is how they are blissfully ignorant of how perverse that sounds! But at at the same time, this is highlights further why I hear a lot people having a hard time taking this show seriously. It is because when moments like this happens, it is as though all “seriousness” is thrown out the window. Of course for me, this is nothing compared to what I have seen with Aquarion series, anyone who watched that show. What we have going ion here pales in comparison to the incredibly awkward process of piloting their mobile suits – making it all the more difficult to take seriously.

After this episode, Zero Two’s desire to run away is clear. She finds it suffocating to be at these Plantations, in this workforce, to be surrounded by people who regard her as a monster without feelings. Her longings for freedom to fly in the clear blue sky, and swim in the deep blue sea is real, and true to the heart. Seeing how she requires to be escorted back to the front-lines, and even have them confirm it was intentional to use the squad to distract the parasite while they ship her out of the area, just goes to show she is in a way, a chained beast. This also makes me wonder how she in particular was added to the forces, as it feels as though she unlike the others, have been outright captured.


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