Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen – Episode 7 [Sakura and a Game of Tag in the Garden]

Well this was a nice, fluffy episode. :3

Sakura has a video meeting with Yue and Kero, and Sakura shows Yue her newest card, Record. To test the card out, Sakura asks Tomoyo if she can come visit. Once Sakura is at Tomoyo’s house, Tomoyo’s mom Sonomi swings by quick to say hi to Sakura and gush over her visit. (Sakura’s mom Nadeshiko and Sonomi were first cousins, making Tomoyo and Sakura second cousins.)  It’s obvious Sonomi cares a lot for Sakura and her mom, so this scene made me a little sniffly.

Before Sonomi leaves she mentions that Sakura and Tomoyo will be testing out one of the Daidouji family’s newest projects, and it’s revealed to be a small drone with a built-in camera. Tomoyo is determined to not miss any more of Sakura’s card captures, so being able to fly something remotely to follow Sakura is perfect. Sakura and Tomoyo are to test out the drone during Sakura’s visit and give any feedback to Sonomi, so the final model can be perfected.

Sakura tries on one of Tomoyo’s outfits, a pretty dress with a star motif, complete with a cute around-the-back headband too. It’s actually one of my favourite outfits that I’ve seen so far! Sakura transforms her staff to summon the Record card so she can try to figure out how it works, and Tomoyo will record her using the drone in the meantime.

Record is shown to be a little picky; Sakura has to be very specific with her commands in order to get it to work. As for how she can watch what she tapes, Record will play back its captured footage as a hologram-like image. Cool!   It looks like Record can take still images, but we don’t know yet if it can take video footage. I assume that it can but who knows.

While Sakura, Kero and Tomoyo are testing out Record, Syaoran finally shows up. He and Sakura are all cute and then the four of them have some tea and cakes together. Tomoyo’s family is loaded after all. Oh to be rich ~

As they’re all eating, Sakura senses a new card nearby. It likes to float around her, almost as if it’s reaching out to touch her gently, much like a breeze would do. But Sakura already has the Gale card, so another wind-type card would be unlikely. “Kindness” or any similar cards would be unlikely names, so what could it be?

Syaoran uses his ability to summon his magical sword, although we know it’s pretty useless because he can’t sense these new clear cards or the magic in them. But whatever makes Syaoran feels better right? Syaoran thinks to use a thunder spell to try to place the card (much like Sakura used Rain in a previous episode to track the Action card), but it doesn’t so much.

As the new card flies up into a nearby hedge maze, Sakura has the ingenious idea of using the Gravity card to “hop” to different locations and follow the card from behind. Once she’s close enough she tries to use Action to have some trees capture the wispy card with their vines, but it doesn’t work.

But the more Sakura chases the card, the more it flies away. It occurs to Sakura that if she stops chasing it, maybe it will come to her. And it works! Because the card has been so gentle and rather playful, Sakura decides not to capture this unknown card by force. It’s not trying to hurt her after all, right?

Sakura tells the card to be more friendly, and it starts to float around her. She asks it if it will be her friend, and the card turns itself from a scarf into a bow with a big diamond-like gem in its centre. Sakura softly taps it with her staff and ta-da, the card is sealed. What is it? Flight. Oh hell yeah, Sakura can fly now! And she doesn’t need her staff anymore either as she did in the first season.

Having been left behind awhile back, Tomoyo, Syaoran and the drone finally catch up to Sakura. They all return to the table where they’d been having their afternoon snacks, and together Kero and Tomoyo coax Sakura into showing off her new card.

Once summoned, Flight turns into its previous bow form and attaches itself to Sakura’s back. In the wink of an eye she’s up and away! She and Kero fly around while Tomoyo films them from below with her camcorder/the drone. But Syaoran, instead of looking happy for Sakura, looks rather worried.

This is what I consider to be one of the most important moments in the episode, if not the most important. Earlier Kero had asked Sakura to lay out all her clear cards on the tea table, and he took pictures with his mini-cellphone so he could send them to Spinel Sun. So now we know Eriol and Spinel Sun are saying nothing to Kero either, only Syaoran.

The look on Syaoran’s face hints, or even implies, that he knows what’s to come. Whether it’s knowledge he already knew, or things he learned from Eriol, I’m willing to bet that at this point in the series Syaoran knows about the prophecy mentioned in the opening moments of the first episode. He has an idea of what to come and the danger Sakura’s in. But he’s not telling her anything, meaning when she does inevitably find out she’s probably going to be pissed. So he’s jeopardizing his new relationship by keeping this massive secret from her… yeah I’d be worried too.

Lastly, you know what else is really neat? Flight is also the card that Sakura is wearing in the opening sequence along with her feathered outfit and staff.



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