Sora yori mo Tooi Basho Episode 1: One Mwillion Yen for Youth (First Impression)

We’re going on a journey!

My goodness what a sweet little episode. The desire to go to Antarctica is real, and that alone is very exciting, and judging from the visuals in the OP I think we’ll actually be getting that.

I really like Mari. She’s a bubbly girl with big dreams, but her problem is that she gets scared. She wants to live the most of her youth but she’s too scared to actually ditch school for once and go to the city. Her excuses for not going were cute but her friend was able to see past her. The opportunity for the journey of a lifetime approaches her as she returns Shirase’s one million yen (why was she carrying this much in her bag?) and learns of her mother getting lost in an expedition in Antarctica. Working part time jobs, Shirase vows that she’ll go to Antarctica to find her mother. Mari is absolutely moved by her story and in the end decides that she wants to support Shirase. It’s then that Shirase offers Mari to go with her, and at first Mari is reluctant but decides to go anyway.

The show looks soft, cute, and gorgeous and some of the facial expressions (all from Mari) were hilarious. Mari herself is fun. Her dilemma of being too scared of trying new things is all too normal and common, so of course she feels like she’s not really living out her youth as she did nothing in middle school, and in her second year of high school also hasn’t. I found it surprising though that Mari had so much trouble taking a train to Tokyo, but she wholeheartedly agreed to go to Antarctica. Obviously one is more terrifying than the other, but maybe the fact that she won’t be going alone was enough to make her decide.

Shirase herself is another interesting character. It’s not totally beyond someone to want to look for their missing mother, but courageously wanting to go to Antarctica is another thing. Still, it’s admirable. She and Mari are both oddballs. Shirase gets called Antarctica by her classmates and gets made fun of because wanting to go to Antarctica is the only thing she talks about. She has no friends and she spends all her time after school in part-time jobs to raise the funds to go, and amazingly she was able to raise the one million yen all by herself. She’s even went to see boats with Mari in the end, so it shows just how serious she is about this. I was worried that she was going to be another serious deadpan character but was surprised to see that she can be quirky and cute, while also having a serious side. I like her character so far as well.

The big question is how will they go to Antarctica? First off we have other main characters to meet, but this is the South Pole we’re talking about! Not everyone can go, let alone a group of teenagers. No way will their parents allow them to go, it’s just a little too crazy. But, I’m excited to see how they’ll go about it because of how insane it is.

I really enjoyed this episode a lot! It was relaxing, but with enough interesting events happening so it wouldn’t get boring. The girls are fun, the art is soft and nice, and the music so far is just as soft and soothing. Those songs in the end fit the atmosphere so well, and I just loved it so much! The subject matter of this show is also pretty unique and fascinating so that’s another huge plus. This is a great start to the Winter season and I can’t wait to see more. Let’s go on a journey!

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of blogging: Guaranteed


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  1. bedmonds says:

    This is the first new show that’s aired so far (and that I’ve been interested in) that I will definitely watch. It’s an unapologetically feel-good show and we all can use a few of these!

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