Hataraku Onii-san Episode 3 ( Being too friendly is not your best policy)

Hataraku Onii-san Episode 3 ( Being too friendly is not your best policy)

Being too friendly is not your best policy, well, at least, it the department store industry. I don’t know about that. I just hate when you are in the store and you are talking to your friend/family and an employee tries to ask if I need any help. Or when you totally don’t need any help and you look like you don’t need any help and they come over there. That is only thing I don’t like. Kuekiko also thinks the same as me. Ay!!

Well, today, Kuekiko and Tapio worked in a department store for their part time job. (Me: where are they finding all these jobs?) And their boss is not a cat, it’s a goat, which is interesting. A very stylish goat, in fact.

Then Kuekiko and Tapio learned more customer service skills, which I guess is character development in a short anime. Kuekiko learned what a customer wants from him and how to effectively give the customer what he/she wants. Tapio learns ” being too friendly is not your best policy” and customers will try to distance themselves if you are too friendly. I feel like Kuekiko got more out of the experience than Tapio( just saying..).

As working as a waitress, being friendly is my number one thing and people won’t be mad if I’m too friendly. People want me to walk up to them and ask ” How is your meal?” and stuff like that during the meal. The only time when people get mad is when I get their orders wrong( because they tried to be extra). Customer service is not about being forceful, it’s about being helpful when needed. Not when your not needed because that literally make people mad.

Then there was that koala, again! He says quotes that are full with wisdom, but they are still funny at the same time because it is referencing to what they are doing on the job. He just shows up at the end of episodes like it is nobody’s business. I’m not sure if people don’t notice him because he jumped on that goat’s arm and he/she didn’t seem to notice. Or maybe the koala is owned by the goat? But at the same time, we will see the koala again in the next episode.

I’m going take some time to go over the comedy in the show for a second. It’s not like it isn’t funny, it’s only slightly funny only for some people. Well, a select few are dying out there, that’s all I know. I feel like I’m being overly critical to good natured humor. This is weird. This comes from a person who can watch Nick Jr or PBS Kids and still laugh at the jokes for little kids.

Humor: still about 2.5 out of 10

I feel like it’s about to get good. Know when you drop a show before it gets good and you are mad when you rewatch it later? I’m going to watch this now, so I don’t have this problem.


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