Gakuen Babysitters Episode 3

Wow I did not like that first half at all. I don’t know what that mangaka was thinking, I’m not sure what they’re trying to do with Yagi but I’m not liking it. I’ve been enjoying this show a lot so far, it’s made me smile and laugh with how precious the children are and how innocent this all is. But now I’m pretty uncomfortable with what we got with the first half.

I just expected a quick Valentine’s Day segment with the kids and maybe Inomata, but then Yagi got involved and then we got a creeper. And I don’t really like that the show is playing it off as “jokes”? I don’t like the social stigma there is against males liking kids. Either they’re perceived as gay or perverts, because for some reason it’s weird for guys to like kids and babies? Which is stupid. Look at Ryuichi and Usaida, both responsible males that wholeheartedly enjoy children and taking care of them. So I’m just really upset that they would go this route with Yagi. Some people are saying that he’s not a pedo, that he just can’t take the cuteness from the kids and gets nosebleeds. But there is a reason Usaida and Ryuichi backed the kids away from him. Also, it doesn’t help that you literally introduce this guy with the creepy stares, and then a nosebleed. And the only time nosebleeds are used in anime are during fanservice moments, with only perverted characters to represent overstimulation or whatever. So when we get this guy who gets a nosebleed every time he’s around kids or even thinks about them, what do you expect people to think? It’s weird and gross, and it made me uncomfortable and I’m not the only one that thinks that way. Since he’s in the intro he’s going to be a reoccurring character, but I hope he doesn’t appear that much or I’m going to get really upset because so far this show has been absolutely sweet and pure, and I don’t want that to go away even for a little bit.

I don’t want to talk about that anymore, the only notable thing about the first half was the start of a romance? Ryuichi told Inomata he likes the stick-in-the-mud side to her and her tsundere self got all happy, but there seems to be another girl that has her eye on Ryuichi and she seems cute, so I’m looking forward to seeing her.

As for the much better second half, I got what I had asked for last week. We finally got to meet one of the childrens’ fathers, specifically the twins’ father. It turns out that Mr. Mamizuka is an actor, and finally after six months of working he’s gotten himself a day off. He scares everyone after walking into the school with a disguise, so as not to get recognized (which happens later), and after being excited to see his sons again, things don’t go well. Kosuke thinks his sons don’t recognize him that well, though Takuma had introduced them as his papa, even though sometimes he calls him Ko-chan (probably because of his mom). But the real problem is with Kazuma, who screams and cries every time his father gets near him. Kosuke tries his best to play with his sons and the rest of the kids, but Kazuma just cries. Obviously Kosuke is upset but later he finds out from his wife the reason Kazuma is a little scared of him is because the last movie of his they watched together was a movie where he played the villain. It’s was funny that Takuma had no problem with it, but Kazuma has always been the crybaby. Since he’s always working, the boys always ask their mom to see his movies because they love him so much and miss him. And so with the boys feeling bad and missing him again, we get a sweet little reunion in the end.

This second half was much better, with the same sweetness we’ve gotten so far. I’m glad we got to see one of the fathers and to see how much he loves his sons and tries so hard to bond with them. Maybe it would be fun if we got half episodes to see the family life of each child. We could get an episode of the twins in their home, Kirin’s home with her parents, etc. I just like seeing happy families, it’s so cute.

Loved the second half, kind of hated the first half. I’m not liking this bump in the road but hopefully things will smooth out again.


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