Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – Yuusha no Shou Episode 5: Incorruptible Heart

Every episode the situation gets worse and a happy ending is seeming to be even less likely. The end of the world is almost here and there’s only one way for it to be saved, but no one is happy of the decision but there’s practically no other options. Shinjyu-sama’s life is withering away, and before he dies and the world crumbles along with him, a marriage ceremony, called a Shinkon, between the Shinjyu and a saintly maiden must be performed to save him and everyone. The chosen one is Yuuna because of her status as a Misugata. With the union between them, the people will gain a power to “live eternally as the people of god”.

What exactly does that mean, though? It wasn’t really explained, with the answer hidden behind a vague response. Does everyone die and get reincarnated in a more “ideal” world with God? Without a clear answer this whole Shinkon ritual became very suspicious. And to do this, Yuuna must die. Considering that she was going to die from the curse anyway, her decision came easy to her. Sadly, but easy.

I’m not going to lie, I think Fuu and everyone else’s reactions were a little unfair, especially Togo’s. Declaring you’re going to cut your guts out right after your friend says she’s going to save you and the rest of the world isn’t exactly appropriate. Their anger and fear is understandable, I don’t want Yuuna to die either, but they didn’t care to think about everything that’s happening to Yuuna. On top of her curse, she has this huge decision to make, which is actually easy. Don’t go through with the Shinkon and die with everyone else, don’t go through with the Shinkon and die before the world ends, or go through with the Shinkon and die, but save the world. What else can she do? Everyone screaming and crying at her didn’t exactly help with so much going on in her head, and all it did was make her feel depressed and terrified again. What’s worse is that the girls were affected with the curse twice during this entire scene, so their battle that they’re going to have to have next episode is going to go terribly, more on that later.

Though I’ve lost all trust in the Taisha since they left out the little detail of the old Hero system of losing bodily functions. Aki-sensei, as she called the girls to the Hero gravesite, told the group that they’ve tried many ways to save the world and stop the flames, but she never went into details on how they did so she could have been lying. But another factor goes to their God. He specifically wants these children to sacrifice themselves for him for some reason. Adults don’t suffice for him. I think it’s messed up that sacrifices even have to be made, but this evil God of theirs, who by the way sent down an apocalypse in the end for the Heroes to fight off, wants little girls to die for him. It’s because of him that there’s little choice any of them can make,

The decision has been made for the Shinkon to take place, and while our Heroes wanted to go out and save Yuuna, they have to fight. With Yuuna’s curse affecting them twice in the scene in the classroom, I think we’ll be getting a bad ending. The curse is going to get in the way for them in their battle, so casualties are to be expected. As for Yuuna, I have a feeling that she will die this time. I was not a fan of the deus-ex machina ending of the first season and I sure as hell hope that they won’t pull that again this time. As much as I love Yuuna and as much as I don’t want her to die, I think this is the only ending we could get unfortunately. A bittersweet ending where Yuuna dies and the world is saved, like the Jesus Christ figure she is right now. And while I understand the reasoning behind the deus-ex machina ending from last time that’s completely connected to the plot of this season, so in this case, I accept the ending of the first season a little more now, I think another ending like that would be lazy and ridiculous. Unless they had a really good reason like this.

But I don’t have a clue. I have my predictions, we’ll see where it takes me in this dramatic and despair-inducing finale.


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2 Responses

  1. LightMonk says:

    You misunderstood something (I blame Amazon).
    There is Shnju-sama, which is a collection of Land Gods (earthly kami) which protects Humanity from the Vertex who are sent by the Heavenly Gods (Heavenly Kami with Amaterasu and such or amazon’s “the gods above”).
    Shinju-sama can only (or will only) lend his powers to pure maidens.
    This (the usage of godly powers by humans) isn’t liked by the Heavenly Gods and now they want to perform the Shinkon which is a Big NoGo for them which is the reason that they now descend to destroy Sinju-sama and with it humanity.

  2. LightMonk says:

    I have faith in Takahiro to make a Happy Ending once again.
    I have no idea how because the outlooks is pretty grim but if the Preview lines “I want to live” hold any meaning in this I believe that he will have something planned.
    But this franchise is self aware of their half-baked endings, so who knows if that continues.
    I am glad I can be mostly without Internet for this 2 week wait for the final Episode.

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