Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 32

This episode came out pretty late today, so I will also put a quick disclaimer: It was a long day for me, and I’m pretty tired, so I bare with me if you feel like I’m nitpicking something more than I should.

Alright team you have one job: SURVIVE!

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. It was one of those episodes when the whole thing is more or less one hot mess. The animation quality was wonky, the pace felt off and I felt they spent unnecessary screen-time of characters we could care less about – AKA: the self-proclaimed reporters, the Pigeon and the Frog. (I still don’t understand why or HOW these two did not get absorbed already!) It also didn’t help with the way the trio meets The whole scene was so awkward and in a way felt forced. Playmaker, Onizuka and Blue Angel have never truly worked together as a team. Playmaker and Onizuka collaborated together in search for the one who carried the program to remove the virus, and that was it. We are in a situation we aren’t quite used to considering all the previous protagonists in the other series had a friend or two to work with. This time, we have these odd-balls who know almost nothing about each other (with the exception of Yuusaku who is the only one to know their true identities). And yet they are off on their own once again to fight their own battles. You could say each and every one have an ego of their own that drives their lone wolf streak. (However Onizuka is certainly more of the type who is willing to join or create a pact rather than fight on his own though.)

What surprised me the most though was the sudden emergence of Spectre, who appears to be Revolver’s right-hand man. Spectre appears when Kitamura tries to save his own skin by attempting to betray SOL Technologies and join the Hanoi Knights. Revolver knows the guy is a joke so he has Spectre deal with him. Thankfully we were spared of having to watch Kitamura’s duel against the guy, because I have little to not interest in him either. (It also helps he has been removed for the time being as he was absorbed too). Instead we will be seeing Spectre VS Blue Angel, a duel that was bound to happen.

Up until now, Spectre has been… mysterious…. but also hinted to be a creep (especially in regards to Blue Angel). Whenever we saw him, he was a man of a few words, or none at all, or his appearance would be extremely brief. Now in action, Spectre is showing his true colors and just how twisted this guy is (aka: Psycho). When you compare him to the likes of Faust and Baira, both who showed us their humane side, it is quite alarming how little regard he has for others. But the strangest part is how he claims he is a fan of Blue Angel, yet he said she was a “lowly idol” in comparison to Revolver who he holds in high regards. Hearing that, made me confused and wonder if he is actually an “ANTI” Blue Angel Fan.

As result we are now in for a rather unexpected Master Duel between Spectre and Blue Angel. It appears they will be using this duel to provide us more backstory in regards to Aoi’s past and what inspired her to go with the name she carries now. I do look forward to this considering we haven’t had the chance to learn more about her past through her own character. Everything we have seen up till now has been through another character’s backstory (Akira’s). However at the same time, I am anxious of what the outcome of the battle will be. I am torn between who I want to one: On one hand, I would hate it if Blue Angel falls here and pays the price for the loss, likewise for Onizuka. But on the other hand, I really want a threatening villain, so in order for that to happen, they have to make him powerful enough to not only be responsible for defeating Blue Angel, but also Onizuka, and then challenging Playmaker before he has the chance to fight Revolver.

But at the same time, I am hoping we will actually get to see the Hanoi Knight’s plans play out and they do destroy the world’s network, or at least damage it in some way or form. Or perhaps Ai will do something that will change the kind of impact it was originally planned to have (one I can see very likely to happen in order to ensure the group’s or at least Playmaker’s survival). There is a variety of options they could roll with, and it doesn’t matter which one they go with so as long as we can see what could happen if Playmaker were to fail. It’s so, soSO LONG OVERDUE and the stakes could not be higher.

Last week the tower reminded me of Tartarus, but I was wayyyy off the mark. Until this week, I didn’t know about the concept of the Tower of Hanoi. Once it was mentioned in the episode about the legend, I looked it up to see if I was missing something. Sure enough I was. The more you know, am I right?

So here is how Revolver and Dr. Kogami intend to use it:

  • The underground Erasing System: The shape will create 6 rings, and create 1 ring/hour.
  • The Core will release high density to external networks and it will effect everything beyond VRAINS
    • Records, Programs connected to the network will vanish, power-plants, hospitals will also be effected. The result will be catastrophic world wild, forcefully dragging Humanity will return to the age of no technology.
    • Basically it’s an EMP Weapon, and Ai will be erased.
    • Ultimate Goal: Destruction of the Worlds Network (they weren’t kidding, they are flipping ambitious!)

Since the Hanoi Knights have completely taken over Link VRAINS, SOL Technology have issued a statement they enacted an Emergency Shutdown of VRAINS to prevent users from logging in. However despite their claim, users can still log in. It’s hard to say whether or not SOL Technologies really did try to shut it down, but simply cannot because Link VRAINS has been hijacked. On one hand, they waited way too long and should have done this like at least ten episodes sooner, or they want to leave it open. But while SOL Technology is a shady little shit, right now all eyes are on the Hanoi Knights, and its more than likely Revolver deliberately made it so (stupid) users can still log in and not only contribute to their grand scheme by being sacrificed, but also to enable Playmaker to come after him.

With that it’s a wrap! I hope everyone has a safe and lovely holiday this weekend!


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4 Responses

  1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

    One or two episodes left for the shitshow that is Fate/Apocrypha and almost everyone (except Sieg, Jeanne, Astolfo, Shirou, Shakespeare (who brought back GILLES (F/Z Caster) to mess with Jeanne’s head), Fiore & Caules) is dropping dead like flies now: Chiron sacrificed himself to take away Achilles’ immortality (i.e. hitting his heel); Atalanta got mad at Ruler because she exorcised imaginary children created by Jack the Ripper’s illusions after her death so Achilles made a sudden U-Turn (i.e. betraying the Red Faction) and took himself and his “sister” out; Karna was killed in a dishonorable fashion (*the curse of Lancers in general) when Astolfo activated a cheat code (divine shield Akhilleus Kosmos) “she” borrowed from Achilles to block Vasavi Shakti, giving Sieg(fried) an opening to take him down (where he’s outmatched the entire time but damn protagonist plot armor); Semiramis was gravely wounded by Mordred, who succumbed to the Hydra poison emitted by the Hanging Gardens and died alongside Sisigo.

    Likewise, Kirakira Precure is also closing to its end and they had several episodes to conclude the character arcs of the six Precures in December before entering the final month (January 2018); Ciel’s, Aoi’s, Himari’s and Akira’s were already done, all that’s left is Yukari and the rabbit girl Ichika. Unfortunately, given how the show entered a steady decline of quality during the second half of the season I’m now only sticking with it to the end just for the sake of finishing it.

    Anyways, back TO ZA VRAINS, with all this cyber network doomsday stuff going on (and a 6-hour time limit being officially set), I’m surprised that this was probably the VRAINS episode that made me the happiest so far. Mainly that was because I enjoyed watching some of the characters that I couldn’t stand begin to drop “dead” (such as the orphaned children under Go’s care, those ungrateful little shits deserved it; and Kitamura who attempted to act tough and smart but subsequently met his demise); now the show MUST step up to erase the frog-pigeon duo reporters who’re nothing but noisy speakers, Go the pretentious “entertainer” who’ll never be a main character given how he screwed up twice, and NAOKI THE SOONER HE DIES THE SOONER THE AUDIENCE WILL REGAIN THEIR SANITY. Besides that, I’m also elated to see Playmaker finally joining forces with Blue Angel (no, I’ll NEVER recognize Go as part of the collaboration) to rush to the devil’s den and take out the evil mastermind (Revolver… Or perhaps the “actual” one, Dr.Kogami?). Above all I’m incredibly delighted to see SPECTER returning to the scene and do his business seriously for once instead of sticking to being a Spec…tator, especially given his nasty reputation as Blue Angel’s creeper and that last-minute SHIVERS FUCK I THOUGHT WE’RE DONE WITH THAT SHIT.

    Noticing that next episode’s title is called the “Sorrowful” Blue Angel, I’ll admit that I actually WANT Specter to win, just because I don’t want to see the image of the Knights of Hanoi as a menacing group being tainted even further because, let’s be honest, if only Revolver (or Dr.Kogami) is the sole threat then they have zero creditability as villains.

    • Eva says:

      A part of me want to see Spectre win, (I forgot to mention that in there, added that tidbit so ZZzzzz i need sleep), but another part of me doesn’t. But ultimately I think we need to see him win, the villains gotta get the upper hand at some point, and now is the prime time to do it. Otherwise they will be nothing more than a joke.

  2. Kazanova says:

    Trust me, you don’t need to say little to no interest in regards of Kitamura, just straight out say you are not interested in him at all, I’m sure many would agree (I’m one of them). Gotta say I was expecting for the three of them to work properly this time, but no, they did the opposite. Maybe it’s still take times for them to work together for real as a team in future episodes (hopefully). As for those pigeon and frog reporters. Yeah, I’m also wondering why they haven’t been erased. But then I remembered in an anime or manga series I’ve watched/read before there’s a character that seems only a side character (like them), but then responsible in revealing something big to the whole world or such. If not, then I’m really suggesting these two reporters should be erased already.

    And now, to Blue Angel vs Spectre. I also have a mixed feeling about this. It’ll be far too fast if Blue Angel is defeated now. So far, she, Playmaker, and Go are the only ones who takes action opposing Hanoi after all. Even one loss would be a huge disadvantage for them. But yeah, other than Revolver, this series needs a strong cunning villain, and Spectre seems to fit those criteria. It’ll be a waste if he got defeated now too. Unless… Akira hasn’t shown himself in this episode, maybe somehow he’ll come to his sister’s rescue or do something that may help the three of them? Who knows. Looking forward for the next episode…

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