The iDOLM@STER SideM Episode 9

Finally Hokuto gets some time in the spotlight! And what better time to do so during Jupiter Central episode! It was nice to see Hokuto and Rui hang out together, especially do a feature together on a radio program. It was also hilarious how Rui’s favourite place to eat is at Yamashita’s place because he loves his cooking. Hokuto was not expecting to go and eat there to say the least! It was tehre where he pretty much led the charge of sharing most of Jupiter’s backstory, along with Shouta explaining to the twins, how Touma is a very important person on their team. Because he is so passionate, they are always inspired by his determination and working ethics, and are motivated to keep trying their best as well. After the hardships they faced under their prevent agency, the trio are finally able to breathe and see a part of each other they weren’t able to see shine through before in their previous environment.

Touma’s enthusiasm is magical to say the least. He is so passionate about what he does, and the agency he is now apart of, that he wants to be involved in any way he can to help the rookies grow. He asked Producer if he could make some time in his schedule for extra practice, and he got just that. It is truly a wonderful thing because you can see how much fun Touma is having with his fellow colleagues. There was a point though in the episode where I was got nervous for a second at the possibility of Touma overworking himself, but it looks like it shouldn’t be a problem and it is unlikely be a cause of a conflict that ought to take place between now and the finale.

It was quite funny how quickly both Touma and Tendou abandoned their plan of extra practice time to get a chance to check out the arena they are going to perform at. Touma was absolutely glowing, as his dream of being able to become a Top Idol seems to finally be within his grasp once more. Tendou being new keeps on going on about “Top Star”, which is more or less probably the same as Top Idol, just in his own words. And its’ not just Touma, but Shouta and Hokuto as well. They too are getting all pumped up for the promising future ahead of them, and it’s just so heartwarming to see.

There’s only a few episode left and truth to be told, I thought this series was going to be a bit longer (aka 24 episodes). Thirteen episodes feels too short, especially given how smoothly everything seems to be sailing for everyone. It seems most if not all the units are promoting just fine, and aren’t facing any particular struggle as of yet. The only conflict the seems to continue simmering at the surface is really Kaoru’s lack of interest of working together as a group, let alone being in the same room as Tendou (considering they are always butting heads). It’s clear to me that Kaoru has a story to tell, but I am honestly flabbergast at how long they are actually dragging this out. Yes they still have time, but still, I’m not going to lie, I am bummed out that it’s looking like Kaoru is really the only one in this entire group as of right now to face a major conflict (since Tsubasa’s lack of confidence was incredibly minor and was introduced and resolved within one episode). I don’t know if iDOLM@STER SideM will get a second season like iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, but I do hope so because this is a fabulous cast and I really want to see them overcome whatever challenges they face and watch them grow some more.


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5 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    There’s the upcoming male idol-themed anime, Idolish 7, debuting Winter 2018, if you’re looking for another idol series to follow.
    It’s based on a Japan-only rhythm/visual novel mobile game, animated by Troyca (the people who did Re Creators), and will be 17 episodes long.

    • Eva says:

      Oh I definitely have my eyes on IDOLish7 this winter season. I watched the Pre-Stream of Ep 1 & 2 in November when it came out (at the time I thought it was a Fall show that dropped out of thin air until I double-checked LOL!), I’ll be releasing the first impression once it officially broadcasts
      = v = Looks promising.

  2. alamode says:

    This episode pretty much confirmed that they’re going to animate the ST@RTING live concert (SideM’s first live concert with the exact same first 6 units), the concert hall is even the exact hall where the first live concert was held XD

    SideM’s going to be 13 episodes + an OVA actually, buuut i’m keeping my hopes up for a season 2 since the Producer mentioned that he and President Saitou is scouting for more male idols. All the cameos that had appeared need some more love in this animation project.

    I also really do hope they do Kaoru’s drama episode soon. 4 episode left and it looks like they’re going to cover for another HighxJoker episode (yay!) next week judging from the title, which only leave us with 3 episodes….

    • Eva says:

      ; ___ ; It would be such a waste of potential if there’s no second season. SUCH GREAT CHARACTERS, LET THEM SHINE!

      And IKR? Happy to know I am not the only one who feels this way about Kaoru’s drama delay.

      • alamode says:

        LET ALL 315PRO IDOLS SHINE !!! I do hope they will add the last 9 units to the agency by the time we get a 2nd season. Many interesting characters in reserve deserves some spotlight too ;;A;;

        Kaoru’s got a pretty deep drama compared to Tsubasa and Teru so I kinda see why they delayed this long…. I just hope they nailed it all from the beginning until the end….it would make the episode worth waiting for…..

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