The iDOLM@STER SideM Episode 12

This week, Kaoru’s drama was fully unleashed and we were finally given the backstory on who the lady was in his picture and why he needed money.

Last week I mentioned how I couldn’t wrap my head around the whole money issue when he was a doctor. It turns out, when he was still a child, Kaoru had lost his sister to an illness, and later became a doctor in hopes to find a cure. When he managed to put together a perfect theory in hopes to pursue further the research of the illness that took his sister’s life, he couldn’t follow up on it because the costs to do research were far too high. So when Producer scouted him, Kaoru jumped at the opportunity to potentially make a lot of money. (I will say though, when Kaoru sung, it gave me the chills.)

I love the direction the took this because not only it breaks away from the usual pattern that is used in many stories, but it further highlights on how everyone in this agency comes from such diverse backgrounds.

But the other thing that it revealed was how precious the memory is of his sister praising his vocals. While Kaoru says he only performs as an idol for himself, I believe in his heart, he actually sings for his sister.

I don’t know if Kaoru will open up to the rest about why he needs the money, but there is definitely an opportunity for them to use their joint concert as a way to potentially raise awareness and fundraise for his research on the illness. It would be a beautiful way to bring everything together, and show him he doesn’t have to do it all on his own. Until the moment he had collapsed, Kaoru was in lone-wolf mode. He refused to rely on anybody but himself. That’s why when he felt Producer let him down, he took it upon himself to manage his own schedule and accept the offers on his own. (But you have to admit, Kaoru is amazing. He made the effort to practice overtime on his own in order not to fall behind, and how he made he sure was punctual to the group practices.)
Unfortunately, just as everyone warned of him, he overworked himself and he eventually collapsed.

It was nice to see everyone come together to support Kaoru and believe in him despite his attitude (which he felt apologized for). However I wasn’t entirely comfortable with Tsubasa’s selfless yet at the same time, selfish request of cutting their practice time so they could accommodate Kaoru’s schedule. Luckily they didn’t do anything of the sort.

However now that I think of it, they didn’t actually get the chance to show how everyone was going to support and have faith in Kaoru since he collapses the next day…. And I doubt we will see anything major in next week’s finale either. Bearing that in mind, it is a shame that they left Kaoru’s drama to the last minute and we don’t have enough episodes to truly dig deep into it. It’s the type of conflict that probably could have used a bit more episodes because I feel like there are still loose ends and elements on it that could have been fleshed out further. Truth to be told, while this was a good episode, I can’t help but feel disappointed with how short the event was. It makes me even more bummed out knowing- (so as long as we aren’t given a second season), we aren’t going to have the chance to see Kaoru’s character truly flourish from this development. But it is still a start to see him spending more time with the group, such as eating out, having fun and most importantly to see him smile and accept the help from the others. I loved how the penalty is to have him rely on others, which is great for someone like him who isn’t used to, or possibly doesn’t know how to do that.

Despite the ups and downs of the episode, my favourite part had to be the scene when Kaoru turned on the TV to watch Teru and Tsubasa on the show he was supposed join them on. Teru and Tsubasa had me cracking up so loud with them wearing glasses to represent Kaoru! It was even better when he turned it off, and then turned it back on again! It was a precious scene.

With that, it’s a wrap for this week! Have a safe and Happy Holidays everyone! :D


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