Netojuu no Susume Episode 11 [OVA]

I must confess, nowadays, I find that I usually skip out on the OVAs. I either forget about them altogether or I just don’t have enough interest to take the time to watch it. Netojuu no Susume however is an entirely different story. It’s certainly one of the very few shows when I am thirsty for more content, and this episode most certainly delivered. (Except for a kiss, THEY HAVE YET TO KISS!!!!!)

The OVA was split into two parts. The first half was a “date” so to speak with Moriko and Sakurai, and the second half was about a dream the two of them had of being cast into the game world where they met their characters.

If I had to choose which part had me laughing the hardest, I would have to say Part 1. It was so cute how watching Moriko freak out about Sakurai coming over to her place. She stayed up all night to clean every inch of her house because she didn’t know what to do. Poor girl gets so overwhelmed so quickly!

It also says a lot when I know I could easily spend my entire day just watching Moriko and Sakurai be the precious dorky and clumsy couple they are. They are flustered and overwhelmed so easily, it’s hilarious to watch. It was so much fun watching the two of them game together in Moriko’s apartment, and it was even sweeter how Sakurai even offered to build Moriko a new computer after her motherboard died. (RELATIONSHIP GOALS!!!!!) After they beat a boss, their characters were chilling in the hot springs and that’s how the conversation of how ‘it would be nice to take a dip’ or Sakurai’s slip up of suggesting to stay at a Hot Springs overnight, together…. only to try and fix the situation and calm Moriko down because he could tell she was getting overwhelmed, he immediately added Koiwai to the party. And on that note, they said they will save that story for another day, boy I sure hope we get it. I don’t care for Hot Spring episodes, but when I do, I SURE HOPE THEY MAKE IT HAPPEN! DO IT! DO IT!!!!!!!!!

And I am sure we were all so very disappointed when the two had their moment of close contact and looked like they may just FINALLY kiss (WE NEED THIS IN OUR LIVES OKAY?!), they were cockblocked by a bunch of weirdos ringing the bell.

Part 2 was a lot different than the first, but man I loved what they did with it. In her dream, Moriko finds herself transfered into the game, where she has been assigned a quest to “Save Princess Sakurai from the Demon King”. There were a lot of reasons why I loved this half and one of them was definitely because Sakurai was dressed up as Princess Peach!

Then we see Hayashi and Lily, along with the rest of the guild-mates characters be themselves. I really liked the way they used the in-game avatars, but I have to say Harumi’s use was my favourite. She was supposed to the tough boss only to do Koiwai’s signature move: AFK! Making it easy to slip past her! It was so simple, yet so hilarious I was clutching to my stomach because I was laughing so hard.

It was also quite funny how Moriko kept on being charmed by her own avatar, Hayashi– which I have to admit had quite a dashing personality to say the least. They join her on her journey to save Sakurai from the Demon Lord (Koiwai). Before they do they go and upgrade her amour where it’s suggested she win the first prize, a bikini armour said to be essential for defeating the Demon King. The best part about this scene was the fact Moriko’s horrible luck saved her, because she absolutely did not want to wear the bikini armour (nor would it be in character for her to do that), and was able to settle for a classic one. Only lo and behold, Demon King Koiwai had specifically made that armour so Moriko would be required to wear it, which leads to the next highlight of the episode, Sakurai equipping the armour onto himself (since it was gender neutral gear), and defeats Koiwai, only to find out IT’S BEEN CURSED TO NEVER BE REMOVED!


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2 Responses

  1. Mangaka-chan says:

    How rare is it that we got to see the OVA streamed and right after the main series ended! I also felt that the first part was more interesting (though Lily violated a sacred hot springs rule by wearing a bikini! j/k This is a family show, and I only know the no clothes rule applies for sex segregated hot springs. I’m actually not sure what the rules are for mixed hot springs with regards to clothing…)

    But alas, we’re probably never gonna see what actually happens at the hot spring since that story is part of the drama CD of the Japanese Bluray/DVD package. Guess we’ll have to settle for summaries from now on… :(

    • Eva says:

      IKR? It’s great to be able to access it right away, otherwise it can be quite forgetful or you may not even know about it unless you are actively following anime news.


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