Imouto Sae Ireba Ii Episode 9( She wore panties on her head!!)

Imouto Sae Ireba Ii Episode 9( She wore panties on her head!!)

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That manga artist is out of control.

She wears panties on her head as a bow and puts them on her face when she draws. Let’s repeat that again. She wears panties on her head as a bow and puts them on her face when she draws.

This episode centered on how the manga artist Mikuniyama drew the manga for the book and how Itsuki didn’t like it because one page ” did not have Hilde( a character in the book) naked”.

Really. That was the last thing to fight about in the world, but they literally had a whole fight about it. But how do I weigh in on that fight? Underwear or just plain naked? Like Itsuki says ” Little sister are the most beautiful in their natural state” But people can look ugly naked or with underwear. It’s a questionable argument. I think underwear is nice, but being naked is relaxing especially in the summer. I think underwear should be functional and comfortable, it doesn’t have to be cute or sexy or anything. I get self conscious with what underwear people see me with especially when I used to play basketball and we used to get changed in the changing room together. Ugh, that was awful. Anyways, I like to be naked when it is hot, but I prefer cute comfortable underwear 70% of the time. I guess the answer is underwear is better.

Art from Mikuniyama

Then Ena comes in and they have big competition on who can draw the scene where Hilde is naked better. Mikuniyama pulls off that underwear bow off her head, which she had been wearing for the entire 15 minutes of the episode and nobody noticed. I still can’t believe that at all. That was crazy. The the competition hit off and they finished their drawings. But Mikuniyama won! Wow!

Then my girl Nayu comes into this story. She notices Hilde is not naked also and tricks Mikuniyama to comcing to her room, so she can ” show her the power of nakedness”. She touches her boobs and shows her good they are touched naked.( And this is the part where my friend shows up and starts watching it in the other seat across from me, and it got weirder as the bus ride went on). Mikuniyama finally agrees and uses Miyako as a template for her drawing of Hilde naked because she has big boobs like Hilde. She probably was the template for Hilde in the first place, anyways.

Me too, Miyako.

While that lesbian action is happening, Itsuki is researching underwear to put on character because he finally appreciated it and at the end of the episode, Mikuniyama redraws the section and makes Hilde naked. They both realize their fetishes aren’t bad things and they accept each other.

This show always makes me happy when the characters come to their own understanding by the end of the episodes. I feel like at the end of the day, I come to my own understanding also. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t do things and other times, I think the day went pretty well. I wish I could have an understanding that further my plot line every day, that would be nice. Usually, it’s like “don’t do this at work next time” or “study more”. I wish they were life-changing.



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