Imouto Sae Ireba Ii Episode 8

Imouto Sae Ireba Ii Episode 8 ( She loves him)

Songs: Tom’s Diner(Rocco & Bass-T Remix), Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday, Flying High( DJ Splash Remix), I Like You by We Are the Kings, Girlfriend by Avril Lavingine, and Somebody Told Me by The Killers

Can we ask one more time why I watch this show on my bus? My other friend said all the character’s are “Kawaii”. Okay, that isn’t a bad scenario as other ones. My friend always some on the bus when they start doing the sexual parts in the second half of the episode. He watched that whole entire erotic novel scene.

RIP Fuwa-san up in this show. His heart = wrecked. His heart was first told to stand in the middle of the road because someone told him he could get ice cream, but then a big rig runs into it, killing any feelings it had left. Itsuki said he would help a boy out, but ends up not helping at all and not realizing it.

Two things happened in this episode: they went to the amusement park and they had a surprise party for Miyako.

The surprise party went well. Everyone gave her a gift and Nayu wrote her a story( which was fanfic with her and Itsuki) That erotic novel game. I barely watched that scene because I could see my friend staring at it ( it was really funny). It was so weird.


Then they went to amusement park. I noticed Itsuki and Nayu like really fast rides and Haruto and Miyako didn’t really like them as much. So they sat there on a bench my themselves, and made small talk. Haruto could of made his move, but he didn’t. That’s me, too. I saw a cute boy at farmer market in our town, but I decided to make ” really boy” face( eyes squint, cock head a little to the right), and he looked like I hit him or something( I’m also not that attractive either, I’m not going to patronize myself).

Operator: 911, what is your emergency?

Me: A second lead just missed the opportunity to make his move.

Operator: That is serious case of second lead syndrome. We will get an ambulance there soon.

Me: His heart is beating slow and sounds sad, hurry up!

Fuwa, my boy… I don’t even know what to say. Miyako likes Itsuki, Nayu likes Itsuki, and Haruto likes Miyako. Let me visualize.

My ghetto flow chart made in paint

Miyako is jealous of Nayu because she like Itsuki also!! Oh Snap! How though? Through watching his show, I would never date him. Seriously, okay, that is just me. I feel like Itsuki is attractive, but he is bit weird. Did I say a bit? Okay, really weird. I feel like if they made a live action, the actor playing Itsuki would have to be decently hot. Not smoking, but he has to look good.

That is a confusing mess. I just want to say ” Boy!” But what about Chririo? He/She connected to anyone? I honestly didn’t believe that, so he/she isn’t in there. Not because nobody like him/her, just because I don’t feel the romantic feelings.( Ena just wanted that a**, he doesn’t count)

The frenemies start again. Ituski was a bystander as Haruto got his heart run over. Not even a bystander, he didn’t even know he got his heart run over.

Speaking of dramas, I have been watching a lot of drama lately. I feel like this show would be a good drama. As prevoiusly mentioned, we need a hot Itsuki, and Haruto on the same level. Miyako and Nayu need to be cute too. ( okay, I have too many high standards). I just think it would make a good drama. Just enough drama to be drama. This plot is little bit of drama, I’ve seen craziness in drama. More than this.

What do you think, out there?



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