Imouto Sae Ireba Ii Episode 12( They left us like that?) [Final Impression]

Imouto Sae Ireba Ii Episode 12( They left us like that?) [Final Impression]

Song List: Without Me(SummerTunez Remix), Cinderella( Ryan T. Remix) by Manian, Grindhouse(Nick Spitz Remix), That Drop by Surilla, Problem by Ariana Grande feat Iggy Azeala, What I Like by Bruno Mars(The Unit Edition), Misery Business by Paramore, Lonely(MajorOn3 Remix), and Let Go by Calvin Harris feat Ne-Yo

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911 Operator: 911, what is your emergency?

Every viewer of Imouto Sae: They ended a show on a cliffhanger and I haven’t seen anything about season 2.

911 Operator: I hate when they do that. We are going to need to call the Special Ops and direct them to the animation studio, so they can get the details. Ugh.

Okay, we wish they would do this. But I believe I saw somewhere they were actually doing a season 2. A lot of shows end like this and don’t have season 2, so I wanted to know. But people kept on saying it is unlikely.

Before I kick this off, I wanted say I’m glad I stuck with the show and kept on watching. It is not all about a crazy little sister fetish author or that weird 50 seconds in the first episode, it is so much more. They had character development at every turn and all the characters had chances to show themselves, for good or for worse.

Also, Miyako wants to be an editor! Go girl! She went from not knowing what she wanted to do to BAM! in about a few months. At least, she gets to try it out as a part-timer, before she chooses her career path. And wonder what she going to do next season. This will be interesting.

A crucial part of this episode was Itsuki’s childhood friend backstory. How he pushes people away and become addicted to little sisters. I feel bad to Ayane, she felt for him so she came over, then realized she liked hanging with Itsuki, only to be pushed away for a dumb reason, because she liked another guy. ( Your middle school self always real cringe, don’t even deny it). I think the guy who rejected her is someone we have seen in the anime before. I don’t know who it is, but I’d love to know who it is. Ayane will be back in season 2 by just chance meeting him in the street or being in the publishing industry or being friends with someone in his friend group. She will back and better than ever somehow.

Then that author game. That made me kind of sad. This is what they face in the industry. They have be writing what they like, but at the same time appealing to the readers at the same time. As a writer goes on, it gets harder to balance, what they like and what the readers like. They lose money and popularity and those “happiness” points. Everyone got depressed by the end of the game. I would be too.

If there was a game called The Life of Nurse, I would probably feel sad too. So many people die in the hospital and in the doctors’ office and so many bad things happen to people and their health.

It looked normal…

Chriro need to tell Itsuki the truth, no matter what. For about 5 or more years, she has hidden her identity. She doing him dirty, but at the same time I would be afraid to be his little sister. His book and the things he has said in the show would make me real scared. She need to tell him now rather than later.

Okay I would conclude with saying: this show was pretty good( as I been saying all season) and was pretty underrated. And they better do a season 2. I think there is enough people who read the light novels and watched the anime to have a season 2. Y’all better be buying that merch because 75% of money made on anime is the merch and the rest is airing the actual show. Get on that if you want a season 2, you better get on the merch.

Get the merch!!!!!!!!!

Happy Holidays, everyone! And lets hope that Itsuki’s anime doesn’t end up like Haruto’s.




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