Imouto Sae Ireba Ii Episode 11( He got an anime)

Imouto Sae Ireba Ii Episode 11( He got an anime)

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Miyako just witnessed how hard it is to be editor. When I watch shows like Junjou Romantica and World’s Greatest Love, that feature people working in the publishing industry, I’m just glad I don’t have to do that. God damn. They have to chase down the authors to turn in their work, proof read the work, and then they have to turn it into the printer. And if the author misses the deadline, they have to tell the publishers( their bosses), the marketer and the printer to postpone. It sounds fun because you get to read the book before everyone else.

I feel like Miyako kind of wants to be an editor, but at the same time, she appreciates what they do. The struggle.

Every time Itsuki’s editor is yelling at him, it so funny. He is a “normal” guy, trying to work with a guy who has a little sister’s fetish. What a paring for real. The manga artist and Itsuki have a better pairing, at least.

911 Operator:  911, what is your emergency?

Me: We have a young man who is love, but won’t admit because he isn’t good enough.

911 Operator: Ummm… what do I do?

Itsuki was saying he can’t ask Nayu out because:

  1. His writing isn’t good yet, his writing is below Nayu’s,
  2. He doesn’t want to become a joke. Since Nayu is extremely famous, he doesn’t want to be riding in the coattails of her success. He wants to be the protagonist of his own story and not someone else’s.

So he loves her. And she heard all of it. She will be waiting.

Miyako likes him too but he doesn’t really like her, so it’s an L for her. Haruto should jump on that, for real. He likes her, and she doesn’t know that yet. “She doesn’t know that yet” is the key. If she knew, we will know if she liked him at all or ever.

How about you Haruto? Don’t give love-advice when you don’t follow through.

Also, I love when they play those games. Now, I just really want that game. Where do I even buy it? I’ll go look on Amazon to check.  Nayu also makes the games super-sexual as possible, which makes it even more funny.

I feel like they showcase the characters personality as they play the games and that was a nice touch  in this show. I feel how people interacts with each other while doing activities is an important part of development of a show and its characters. In sports anime, they don’t just show the actual sports, they show what they do while they are at home, what’s their family is like and how they celebrate after winning and the interactions there.  Imouto Sae isn’t all about being an author, making animes and making manga, it is more about the characters and how they developed them in the show.

That is what I take away after I watch the almost last episode of this show. I’m kinda sad to let it go.

And don’t forget, his book got an anime!! Go Itsuki, don’t make it garbage. Check the show, check the writers, check them voice actors.






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