Imouto Sae Ireba Ii Episode 10( Que? She’s a girl?)

Imouto Sae Ireba Ii Episode 10( Que? She’s a girl?)

Song track: I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry, Best Friend’s Brother by Victoria Justice, Swerve by ILoveMakeon, and Black Gold by Luka

Oh Snap!! Chihiro’s a girl!!! They kept on blurring it for the past few episodes, but she’s a girl. First of all, why was she hiding that she was girl in the first place? There is a few answers for that, A.) She knew about Itsuki’s little sister fetish, but still wanted to spend time with Itsuki, B.) She wants to be transgender and she wanted to try it out or option C.) somehow being a boy bridges the divide between Itsuki and this family( what the h*** is this answer).

Most likely, it is A because the rest are really bad reasons.

Then why does Itsuki have problems with his dad when he married someone new? I don’t understand that at all. My mother is also dead. We moved in with my dad’s new girlfriend and children in about a year after. They have been together for almost 10 years now and they married 4 years ago. I love my stepmom and I don’t hate my dad for marrying her.  My stepbrother are also pretty fun too. We have had some pretty good memories.

I notice that people can’t be lonely forever and they need to move on. You can’t be sad about one thing forever, so you move on. The people who don’t move on, are the people who fall into depressions and can’t do anything else in their life except grieve. I understand the struggle, but I don’t understand the problem. I’m sorry.

I liked Nayu and Itsuki’s “date”. It was really cute, well somewhat, except Nayu looking at animal’s balls… But really she and him should get together. I’m sorry, Miyako, but they look cuter together.

Also for that tax accountant, how does the room get so dirty? What is literally that?

Also Ashley has some pretty good blackmail, on her hands. Chihiro is a girl. When I know I got some juice, I’m just holding that cup until I can splash it up on their face.

Like the kid in my class, who said he uses that 2 +1 shampoo, and his hair looks gross. No wonder for the last 3 years your hair looking greasy and gross looking. Remember everyone, using 2 +1 does not speed up cleaning your hair and it is more expensive than just buying both of those bottles separately. So when you use 2 +1, you have to use extra conditioner because your hair is not moisturized enough, so you are not saving time. Now, you have learned something new. Next time, this kid come to roast me, I’m going to get him with that.

Okay, that was some unnecessary information about throwing juice in people’s face. When you know something, you wait until the perfect time to hit it.

This show always has some heartwarming parts in it’s craziness. I liked that Itsuki sent this dad a souvenir while he was on vacation, even though he supposedly hates him.

Then Haruto’s little sister watching the bad anime and then telling him how bad it is and getting mad for him. That was so cute.

I loved this show and I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m staying for the finish line. I didn’t quit at the first episode, I kept going. So, let finish up the next two episodes strong!



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