Code: Realize ~ Sousei no Himegimi Episode 10

Damn! This episode was intense! There was a lot of action, but most importantly, was the big revelation, the truth behind Code:Realize and the role Cardia plays. The true purpose Code: Realize is to reconstruct the world anew. To do so, Isaac (though is currently in slumber) has now attained an immortal body as a Mechanical God, will trigger a war that will never end, enabling Humanity to continue to evolve. The reason why Van could never kill Finis was because all he has been chasing this entire time was nothing more than his puppet which Finis’ consciousness and true form, safe within the Celestial Globe, alongside their father, waiting to be awakened as soon as Finis and Cardia become one.

With the truth of why Finis would never die hit Van really hard, but what really hurt him was the fact he hesitated to kill Finis after learning Finis requires to be alive in order to truly free Cardia from the poison. Although Van keeps on saying nothing will stop him from achieving his goals, we know its a lie since whenever it comes to Cardia, because at the end of the day, he cares more about her than his revenge. And I got to say, it is surprising to me in a way how besides Lupin, in this adaption, I feel like Van’s feelings for Cardia shines through the brightest. In fact I also felt his feelings were vivid within Lupin’s route as well, but not as much as Saint Germain’s, probably because I had just finished playing his route and I was still reeling from my emotions. So it’s really nice to see the adaption keep that touch, because the way you see the others bachelors truly care about Cardia’s happiness even when she’s on a different route, is heart-warming.

Saint Germain was also given an exceptional amount of spotlight this week, helping Van out by taking on Aleister his steed. It was super badass to see as soon as everyone was gone, Saint Germain switched on his Assassin Creed form. Unfortunately Aleister is a slippery guy so he ends up escaping, but one should expect nothing less from Twilight’s top official (ranked #2). Saint-Germain does however show his more brutal side when he stabbed Finis in order to protect Lupin, unfortunately yet again, he failed because all he stabbed was just another one of Finis’ puppets, and was unaware of Finis’ true form (otherwise he surely would have dealt with that first). But hey, managed to help keeping the team alive.

Among all the secrets being revealed, we were finally given an explanation as to why Finis is so obsessed with not just Cardia, but their father. His drive to fulfill Isaac’s plans is to gain recognition, and to be loved by their father. We see his jealousy of being starved from that when he sees Cardia being surrounded by love. When Lupin checks up on her, and he tries to stab him, claiming he doesn’t want him to touch her, but the truth is he is just envious of what she has.

However I think many of you may be curious as to what was glowing in his hand. That pendant in his hand was none other than the Philosopher Stone, which as you saw affected Cardia. It is to serve as the key to “unlock” the Horologium, so to speak.

In the end, the team ultimately fails and are forced to retreat after Finis succeeds capturing Cardia. She has been taken onto Nautilus, Nemo’s terrifying warship that possesses’ Impey’s creation, the Anti-Gravity device. (This was something they had a chance of explaining a bit more when Impey was telling Cardia about his dream to fly the moon, but chosen not to do it. I suppose it was worth a while considering the Anti-Gravity device being served as an element of surprise.) And London is more or less screwed since the Nautilus ship is dropping poison bombs, killing anyone and everyone within its proximity. The heroes have a very difficult battle ahead of them, and will need all the help they can get. Next week we will be seeing Idea join the party, and believe me, they will need their help.

Last thing, once again this week was quite quiet. There has been a noticeable absence of background music, which makes me wonder if perhaps they just don’t have the budget for it. (Actually speaking of budget, there is a joke going around how the budget it always put into making sure Finis looks good). Of course it’s not the end of the world, nor does it feel like we are missing out on anything, but it does stand out when you are so used to hearing some sort of track in the background. Though to be fair, silence can also contribute delivering more impact, and in this case, I say it’s working pretty darn well.


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