The iDOLM@STER SideM Episode 6

This week we were introduced to the Aoi Twins: Yuusuke and Kyousuke, a pair of professional soccer players who Producer meets after being hospitalized. The elder twin Yuusuke had sustained a major injury that meant the end of his professional career. So since he can’t play soccer anymore, he decided he will become an Idol, since it’s a way he and his brother can continue to perform together.

Frankly speaking, this sounded really dumb to me, especially when we take into consideration he will have to undergo rigorous training for their dance lessons, so I’m honestly shocked this is even happening. It also didn’t help how because the plot was so cliché, I couldn’t find it in me to care about the episode at all, let alone the twins. Honestly, I am surprised they even went along with this concept, I mean, at least spice it up a bit. The whole transition from professional soccer to “LET’S BE IDOLS” was simply outrageous. These kids are supposed to be professional soccer players, and you’re telling me that it doesn’t feel like the end of the world to end their career for a sport they are supposedly incredibly passionate about? In fact, it felt as though they didn’t care about Soccer at all (regardless of the flashback), but rather it was more important for the two of them to be performing or doing something together no matter what. I suppose the only silver-lining to take from it is that Yuusuke has an incredibly positive outlook on life, and doesn’t allow himself to be swamped down by despair. But then again, the only reason he didn’t fall into that pit was because Producer was there and had ‘scouted’ (not really) them earlier, and because of that they asked him if he was willing to recruit them.

Of all the characters who are a part of the agency so far, they are by far have the dullest of the bunch, something I actually didn’t expect to hear myself say after how each and every character has been up to this point had their own unique charms that made them likeable one way or another. Certainly doesn’t help how the song didn’t resonate with me either, so much so I noticed it became nothing more than a sound in the background.

And that’s honestly all I have to say. Unfortunate it ended up being a very  disappointing episode for me. There was very little to talk about, little to appreciate and was ultimately a snooze fest. Hopefully next week will pick things up again! (And hopefully I can get back on schedule next week, the last two weekends have been quite rough for me. ; _____; )


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2 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    To quote Austin Powers in Goldmember, “Twins, Basil! TWINS!!”

  2. Continue blogging Side M pls says:

    I actually liked this episode better than Beit’s. I could relate to it having played a bunch of sports at the high school level.

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