Shokugeki No Soma: San No Sara-Episode 7

Man do I hate Eizan with a bloody passion, I always have but this episode is the perfect example on why I hate him so much! I want to jump into my screen and kill the fool!

She’s so cute and she didn’t do anything yet!

He makes me sick, I was close to spitting on my screen when he came on cause I was just that disgusted by him, everyone suffers in this episode one way or another, how? Well let’s get into that

He changes the system up completely so that it can be more “fair” instead of mastering your own skills and cooking, you will learn and master recipes from a group called centeral which is the Elite Ten, during classes, which already don’t sound good, on top of that all clubs and such will be disbanded so only the school should remain.

Which means Shiomi research facility, Don RS, and all other places including Polar Star Dorm have to go, and again I don’t know about you guys but I was pissed when men went to each club and facility to close it down, but the one I also wanted to absolutely murder and choke to death was Eizan, I hate him and his stupid face. A lot, just as much as Azami. He creeps me out and on top of that he plays dirty.

He stirs everyone up by saying they have to leave because the dorm isn’t needed anymore and of course the only way you can save it is with a shokugeki,

What is up with that guy’s suit?!

that’s the only way you can turn around a decision like that, while he wants to ignore them, he decided to be “considerate of their feelings” and accept the challenges that’s over a hundred, he has one with the leader of the Skewer RS that day and told everyone in the dorm to watch because it’ll serve as a warning.

Oh man I wanted nothing more than to punch the guys face in….the Shokugeki starts and the leader agreed to his expulsion if he loses and guess what? He lost, but not because Eizan did a better job at his dish oh no, the judges didn’t even try the poor guys dish, they gave it to Eizan right away because he bought them out, the warning was that if you try to do a shokugeki you will basically be automatically expelled from Totsuki because the judges are on Eizan’s side completely and won’t even try your dish.

This broke my heart… Eizan I hate you!

He took away the only option to change things in your favor, and right away all the Shokugeki’s got cancelled. He’s such a nasty jerk. I really want to punch his pathetic face in.

days after he left during dinner time the girls couldn’t take it anymore and broke down together about losing their home after reminiscing about all the fun times together, and Soma steps up and challenges Eizan to a Shokugeki because the dorm is important to him as well, he lives in the same room as his dad, he uses the dorm as the place to master his skills and cooking, he made friends in there and such so he doesn’t want to lose it, and Eizan accepts it so I’m really looking forward to the match, I swear I hate Eizan so much….


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