Imouto Sae Ireba Ii Episode 7( They love that)

Imouto Sae Ireba Ii Episode 7(They love that)

Songs List: The Bad Touch( C.C Bauman Remix) by The Bloodhound Gang, The Temper Trap( Axwell and Dirty South Remix) by Sweet Disposition, Dance Again by Pitbull feat J.Lo, Everybody(Danceboy Remix) by Evelyn, Mike Candy and Tony T, and Mr. Vain by Culture Beat

They are really messing everyone up with Chirio’s gender or sex. They really are. Well, everyone is arguing, so they might as well throw some kindle on the fire.

This was good episode. I liked how they made a whole RPG thing, but I would not play an RPG in real life. Playing an RPG is often confused with larping( where people cosplay and act out scenes, which is super cringy by the way), and I don’t have a nice nerdy family( they would roast the living out of me).

They did every stereotype in the book. The tentacles, the evil sacrifice plot twist, you think you can take a break then a monster shows up, the sexy powerup, etc. I did not understand the reference, and as a seasoned anime watcher I really should know them. I have to watch more popular shows. Even the ones I’m watching now( minus Boruto) are not very popular.

The coin throwing attack seemed familiar though..

I like how Itsuki took the time to cheer his friend up. This was heartwarming. To take his mind off the bad anime, he told him to play RPG.

Haruto was frickin sadist, though. Every time, I saw him looming over the game, he looked like an evil god( well, he techinally was God in this game). Especially at that tenactles part, when they say “ There is no monsters at this nice crystal lake!” and Haruto looked like “ Now there are” And the part where they about to sacrifices…

Since this episode was really heartwarming and full of parodies, the next episode will be drama heavy. We are ready for that now. I love how every episode starts with All You Need is [blank].

They also mentioned Chulthu. I just hate that book so much. Maybe because I couldn’t take the constant racism or each story was similar. Anyway, this had nothing to do with the show, just that they mentioned it and remembered how unhappy I was with that book. It is also interesting what people have done with Chulhu myths. People worship them, make games out of them, make references, or just want to be creepy in general.


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