Boku no Kanojo ga Majime Sugiru Shojo Bitch na Ken Episode 3 & 4( They are too funny)

Boku no Kanojo ga Majime Sugiru Shojo Bitch na Ken Episode 3 & 4( They are too funny)

Song List( I should make a YouTube list for certain episodes):Rhythm of the Night(Bounce Inc Remix), S&M by Rihanna, Hotel Room Service by Pitbull, Feel It(Crystal Rock Remix),Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield, and Counting Stars by One Republic

Ready! I wrote two posts, one for each episode! Unfortunately I didn’t post the first one, so I combined them!! (I should not be excited, I should be ashamed.)

Watching shows on the bus comes with danger. I purposely watched this show on the bus knowing the content.

They do the same thing each episode, they start in an important part of their relationship( meeting the parents), they make a lot of jokes through the episode, and then end in a breakthrough in their relationship, in where they both learn something new about each other, making it heart-warming. I like that format.

That mom. I have no clue what to say. She taught her all this stuff, which makes it funny. And she looks similar to her daughter, causing confusion.

That poor dad though. He loves his wife, but sometimes he is like “ Really, my boy.”

Then when he saw the dad, he was like “ Oh! A normal person!” and that was misinterpreted as them being gay. I almost died because they decided on that, like me. The boys in my class start hugging each other and I’m like “ Ha. Gay!”

When they went on the date and she was taking a bunch of notes about other people’s relationships and not her own. I found that cute, she wants to make her relationship better by looking at other people’s relationships. But that also be the wrong way to do it. Actually looking at other people’s relationship can cause envy because you can’t have what they have( Thanks psych class) I probably didn’t need psych class to understand that.

When she got the fever and started going delusional and the waterspout thing. I had no clue what that was. Don’t look it up. Like Seitokai Yaniukumo, there was bukkake, that had to look up because I was in 7th grade and had no clue what it meant. Literally, don’t do that to yourself. Do yourself a favor and don’t do yourself like that.

Then on the second date, they had the breakthrough, where she learned to appreciate her relationship and not others. Take it slow and enjoy the ride. Maybe that’s not the message and I missed something. I always do and it’s not a surprise.

The mom though..


Then fourth episode was too funny. Way too funny. I would stop laughing for a minute then I would start all over again. I could make a bunch of memes and gifs with the show. You don’t even have to the watch the show all the time to find some moments funny.


In the beginning of the show, a girl named Rina comes from a private all-girls to socialize with men. It gets awkward real quick. Hairy Males = Her Actual Pet Dogs

Akiho and Shinozaki become her friends and begin showing her around which has a lot of misunderstanding, which are hilarious. Her interactions with girls as a stereotypical flirtatious lesbian, which she tries to apply on men too.

Then they all go to the zoo and misunderstanding occur especially near the dogs and the horses. That situation was just too funny.

Then Akiho’s parents decide to go to the zoo, separately, because it brings back memories, which is really cute.

Then there was that lost child and Akiho’s mom stopped to help her and Ahiko’s dad let that happen because he thought nothing weird would happen. He was wrong.

Then the ending part where they end up at that love hotel. Bruh( to use outdated terms).

This show won’t get old, but if you are this far, you’re in deep. (slow clap for the joke.)

Everyone made this face. And then they went to the bottom picture.


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