Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 22

Oh man, what a mess this episode was. From the get go, all over the place! When the episode started I thought I missed an episode– until I remembered last week was a recap!

The Hanoi Knights are not messing around anymore, especially when it comes to dealing with Playmaker. So they have decided to hunt the hunter as a pack, attacking victims who share a similar profile to Playmaker: Exceptional dueling talent, uses a retro duel-disk, and a skilled hacker. This method of course of seems to be more directed to targeting Playmaker in the real world, as they shuffle through the database to forcefully summon him into Link VRAINS. Regardless of dragging those who are not related to, nor Playmaker himself, the Hanoi Knights still attack them– just to send a message. The case of the victims who is known as “Another”, where its as though their souls has been dragged out from their bodies and are trapped in Link VRAINS while they become a corpse in the living world. But in reality, their souls aren’t being extracted, they have simply attacked by the same virus the Hanoi Knight used on Blue Angel.

As result of this, Link VRAINS has descended into chaos. Yet despite the Hanoi Knight running rampant, players continue to log in thinking they wouldn’t be targeted. However unfortunately for them the hoodlums fraction of the Hanoi Knights don’t care if they are Playmaker or not, they will senselessly attack them.

And while we are on the subjects of these Hoodlums. Revolver revealed to us how the Hanoi Knight’s organization is far larger than anyone could have possibly anticipated. It is said there are over a thousand players who are affiliated with the Hanoi Knights. These players joined their case because they are infatuated with their opposition to Link VRAINS, and self-promotion. And whoever is overseeing them doesn’t appear to be interested in disciplining these thugs whatsoever. As result they are doing a great job of tarnishing the knight’s reputations but terrorizing innocent players.

Then we have the higher ups divisions. These folks all wear a signature one-eyed masked. I suppose as the rankings go up, the smaller the masks, making it so those in the lowest ranks’ identities remain anonymous. Most noticeably, the three who were introduced today (one of them being Dr. Genome), are all adults, and seem to be developers. My guess the three of them also likely to have been part of the Lost Incident Research team.

While all of this is happening, Revolver is dealing with his own inner conflict. The Lost Incident’s records will all be erased once the plan is fully underway, (the Eclipse is just the opening act before the main event). The reason he is being tormented by this is because he fears without it, he won’t be able to find out Playmaker’s identity. So he asks his father to give him some time, so he can finally settle things with Playmaker (aka win, and move on).

However while the episode had heavily focused on the Hanaoi Knights terrorizing everyone, it certainly did not go unnoticed how despite the disorder in LINK VRAINS, Sol Technologies have not temporarily disable the ability to log. One would think they would do a maintenance or something to put the player’s protection first, but clearly that’s not the case – especially when they too are interested in attaining Playmaker’s true identity.

Then we have Onizuka.
Ughhhhhhh….. You know what, I will be completely honest with you: I would rather see him lose just so he can go away. Clearly, that’s unlikely to happen, especially when he apparently updated his dueling style. But GOD, I just can’t find it in me to care about him, at all. His character is so BLAH! Not to mention, he gives himself way too much credit. For instance, he claimed it was his fault that Makoto is now ‘Another’ Victim”, like are you freaking kidding me? And don’t even get me started on the flashback. Here I was hoping we would actually get substance that would be related to Yuusaku, but NOPE~! Just another scene I could not care less about!
(Actually, now that I had time to think about it, I think what’s bothering me the most is the lack of individuality. He is missing that quality that is needed to draw me in.)

Now he comes in, pulling the same impersonating trick with the Hanoi Knights, this time pretending to be Playmaker to bait out Dr. Genome so he can try and get a hold of the program to remove the virus. He then makes the claim he knows Playmaker’s true identity and should he lose, he will share that information. Man, I seriously hope he’s bluffing though, not to mention, Yuusaku and Kusanagi look absolutely furious.

That being said, I am NOT looking forward to this duel whatsoever, so my expectations are going to be rock bottom for this one.

Please only be one episode! ; A ;


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18 Responses

  1. exof954 says:

    I understand where you’re coming from with Go, his debut episodes were the lowest part of VRAINS so far IMO (other than the first recap, but I mean- that was a RECAP). But I WANT him to be good. I love his deck, and I love the basics of what his character is (or could be), a pro duelist who’s got flaws but good intentions at heart, and I want to see him actually become an interesting character. So I’m going to admit that I’ve gotten my hopes up for next episode. Hopefully they don’t let me down, especially after they skipped two weeks getting these episodes ready.

    As for the rest of the episode, I’m super interested in the Hanoi politics going on this episode. Kogami is overseeing the primary Hanoi project right now, using whatever means are necessary it seems (no offense but if you’re direct attacking with the 400 ATK Hack Worm then you’re doing something wrong). Revolver is interested in Playmaker, to the point where it seems he might actually diverge from Hanoi temporarily to get stuff done, and then both Revolver and other high-up Hanoi members are worried about the ‘new blood’ whose motives are wildly different from the original members. Kogami, this is the sort of stuff that civil wars and mutinies start with.

    Either way, hopefully next episode is good and has more lasting impact than Go’s first episode.

    • Eva says:

      I sure hope that his change in style will make his duels a lot more interesting considering the snooze-fest of his so-called entertainment duel from his debut. That would make it a lot more bearable.

      Ooh yes, the development of the Hanoi Knights politics is going to be really interesting. I am incredibly curious as to how Revolver is going to respond once he does get a hold of Playmaker’s true identity. Will it trigger him to switch alliance, or will he simply go rogue as you say to achieve his own means. With the way things are being managed now, a rift is bound to happen within this organization.

  2. 75chaosflare says:

    Funny enough that the female Hanoi was an easter egg as the nurse in episode 8 when Aoi was in a coma. Probably, her IRL version at that time.

    • Eva says:

      I knew she looked familiar! Couldn’t pin-point who she reminded me of though! Nice catch! (Though it seems I”m the only one who didn’t catch it LMFAO). Talk about scary stuff!

  3. After a recap episode last week, this definitely makes up for what happened. This episode really changes the pace of Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS and creates more intensity. After all, it’s now the beginning of a new arc. Now the Knights of Hanoi are putting so many people into comas like Blue Angel. It’s becoming a bigger problem now that those infected with the same virus Blue Angel had are being called Anothers.

    I was quite disgusted how the Knights of Hanoi recruit new members by creating Anothers and get people to join out of fear or self-promotion like Revolver said. It really reminds me of Voldemort and his Death Eaters from Harry Potter because they used the same types of tactics just to get powerful witches and wizards to join them.

    As for Go’s character, I really do agree his character is a bit bland right now. I’ve seen his type of backstories before. Unless there can be something that spices his character later on, I’m not even sure whether his character will change throughout the story like Yusaku and Aoi will probably have. Good eye for noticing that Yusaku and Kusanagi weren’t happy about Go saying he knows Playmaker’s true identity. I don’t really know whether Go is bluffing or not, but I actually have a feeling he may not be. You saw the way Go was looking at Yusaku and even questioning him why he was even there at hospital. The only thing that doesn’t really change about Yusaku when he becomes Playmaker are his green eyes. Sure, they’re a bit of a different shape, but those green eyes have that same intensity in them, whether in Link VRAINS or not. I was a little surprised that Go would disguise himself as Playmaker to lure out Dr. Genome. I mean, Go does act cool as Playmaker, but once again like with Emma disguised as Blue Angel, his mannerisms are off. Even Yusaku and Kusanagi were slightly surprised and not exactly pleased either. I laughed a little bit when Ai said that “Playmaker” was Yusaku even though the real deal was right in front of his eyes.

    P.S. Naoki’s a bit dim-witted not knowing how to pronounce “Another”. At least he provided the audience and to a small extent, Yusaku, some information on the “Another” incident. Plus we get to see Yusaku at school again, even though he’s daydreaming again. He gives himself too much credit for being a great duelist and being the next possible “Another” victim. I mean, Naoki doesn’t even go to Link VRAINS to duel.

    As a wrap-up for this episode’s analysis, I have to say that the duel next episode will be very interesting. We have 3 new named Knights of Hanoi members and Go is facing Dr. Genome, one of the new characters. I wonder what kind of role Faust and Vyra will provide later on. Plus it’ll be great for another character besides Yusaku to have a full duel and just have Yusaku watch from the sidelines instead.

    • Eva says:

      If it turns out Onizuka was able to connect the dots, that might help him give his character a bit of an edge that he needs. It’s pretty scary if he actually does know Playmaker’s identity, but he doesn’t seem to be the type to throw people under the bus, regardless of what the situation may hold. Hell, he could have simply said, “Hey I’ll hunt give you playmaker’s information in exchange for the virus removal program.”

      Naoki’s character at the moment, how should I put it…. Reminds me of Navi from Legend of Zelda. The informant that never shuts up! XD
      And you’re right, he is quite ignorant for a guy who hasn’t showed up in VRAINS yet. But it could be he’s just lonely and is looking for friends to hang out with. Considering Yuusaku is always alone, he is probably seen as the most approachable one.

      It’s good to see things ramping up now, even more so when it’s not a tournament taking place for once. Let’s just hope Sol Technologies doesn’t pull an ARC-V where they go, “RECRUITING PLAYERS TO DEFEAT THE HANOI KNIGHTS”.

  4. becs says:

    I think this episode was very much set up. I love all the scenes with Yusaku and that in it.

    However, that scene with Yusaku and Naoki at the beginning was completely pointless. I mean, Yusaku was already aware of the ‘Anothers’ incident happening so you can’t even count it as an exposition scene especially because in the next scene they go back over the main points anyway. Even though it was a tad bit cliche, i didn’t expect that they’d go this angle with Go making him know one of the victims. It’s good to know that they didn’t make him pull a Zaizen and lure Playmaker out only to help his friend. It’s good to know that Onizuka is a good guy who wouldn’t use people like that even if he doesn’t know Playmaker.

    I really doubt Onizuka actually knows Playmaker’s true identity. I mean, Yusaku didn’t give anything away. that must be what Yusaku was thinking when he looked away for a moment. That expression was perfect! Just one look and we get a pretty good idea of Yusaku’s inner emotions and thoughts!

    Although, when I think about it… maybe, he thinks Yusaku is Playmaker because he was friends with Makoto and he knew that Yusaku didnt hang out with him? And since Makoto is the same age as Yusaku, maybe Onizuzka recognise his face but just never knew his name which would make sense.

    I too hope the duel only lasts one episode… although with Vrains track record, every duel gets a double parter. Even the filler duels.

    Also, this episode actually brought up something i never thought about before. How DO people enter LINK VRAINS? I mean I guess their consciousness is somehow streamed into the network? However, is there meant to be a time limit as to how long you can be inside? And yeah, I actually wonder why there isn’t a big crowd of people calling for SOL technologies to shut LINK VRAINS down until the issue is sorted. I mean thats what usually happens when something like this happens.

    • Eva says:

      Oh definitely a set up to the impending battle. A lot better than a tournament that’s for sure, but they definitely could have refined the opening scene to flow a lot better. As you said Naoki’s scene was pointless, they could have simply had Yuusaku explain that to Ai.

      Tying Onizuka to one of the victims is the best way to create a connection between himself and Playmaker. His image is the tough guy with a soft heart, and he is certainly playing up to that role. That being said, if he is able to connect the dots of suspicion surrounding Yuusaku due to not being Makoto’s friend, it will only go to show the guy is actually quite sharp, which could give him that edge I’m looking for.

      My assumption how they enter Link VRAINS has to do with connecting their senses (for the lack of a better word) to the server. Most players we have seen lay down when they go into the game, and their bodies are left vulnerable. What’s also to be noted is how the general public don’t seem to fear or care too much about the Hanoi Knights regardless of how they are terrorizing players. Instead, a lot of people seem to be entertained by it, especially when Playmaker comes into the picture. I mean when the MC started talking I was like, “DUDE, THERE’S A TIME AND PLACE FOR THAT.”

      But yeah, SOL Technologies, we got our eye on you.

  5. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

    Thank god I only watched Pokemon Sun & Moon episodes 43-43 due to Misty & Brock return for nostalgia’s sake because THE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS ARE RIDICULOUSLY CARTOONISH & THE LAME STORYLINE MADE ME CRINGE, what a shipwreck for Pokemon after the excellent XYZ season. And Fate/Apocrypha hit a new low because Avicebron’s ultimate golem was wrecked to nothingness & the direction of the story had fallen apart to focus on Sieg & his harem (Jeanne + Astolfo) while shafting any character development for other casts. Kirakira Precure didn’t fare too well either, after a relatively stable first half the later episodes got progressively worse & boring when it didn’t center around Ichika. Wow, this is certainly a bad week to watch any anime.

    Now back TO ZA VRAINS, I found your sheer disgust & hostility towards Go Onizuka being way too much Eva (restrain your emotions, it’s making a bad impression for others who’re reading your weekly reviews), at least this time he was officially dragged into the main plot & got the chance to actually prove his worth by taking out this jerky Dr.Genome and I’ll appreciate that we’ll finally have an episode or two of duels WITHOUT Yusaku. (But should he fail AGAIN, feel free to slate him.) Rather, I found the existence of NAOKI more unbearable, everytime he opened his mouth to talk shit & badmouth Yusaku (like he doesn’t know a damn thing) I want to punch him in the face! That being said, for some reason the whole “doomsday” shenanigans conducted by the Knights of Hanoi don’t appeal to me so far…

    Go Onizuka, next week will be your chance to repair your shattered image, don’t mess up like in episodes 4-5.

    • Eva says:

      Even if my opinions are unpopular or “too much”, I would rather be straight up and be honest about it right off the bat so readers understand how I feel about the characters. This also sets the starting line of how much I liked and disliked the character, in order to reflect how their eventual evolution changes my opinion overtime.

      With that being said, I do hope is that this change of style as a duelist will help add some color and life to Onizuka’s character. In fact, I think what’s bothering me the most is the lack of individuality. It’s still super early in the series of course, so it gives them a lot of time to improve his character, as he certainly did not leave a good first impression on me.

      Naoki’s character at the moment, how should I put it…. Reminds me of Navi from Legend of Zelda. The informant that never shuts up! XD

      Wow that sucks for Fate/Apocrypha and Kirakira Precure :( Especially Kirakira Precure, I have heard so many good things about it.

      • Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

        Okay, so you’ll forever despise Go, I’m wasting my time to correct your mindset. >_>

        To be honest, as the show progressed Fate/Apocrypha is slowly slumping into becoming the worst Fate series ever. Yes, the cast is huge & colorful, but the writer himself is an imbecile. Between episodes 7-12 (*You did drop the show after episode 6) it’s truly an all-out war between both Factions that accomplished ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but to make the entire Red Faction “villains” because they stole the Greater Grail! Oh god, I hate that homunculus guy with a passion, he died not once, but TWICE, and was resurrected due to Frankenstein’s “suicide” and foolishly charging into the battlefield and swayed his fellow homunculi, the surviving Yggdmillennia members & even MORDRED to join his cause of “freedom” with no purpose whatsoever. Jeanne’s favoritism & harboring feelings for Sieg even clouded her neutral stance because she’s now helping the entire Black Faction without issues, now the forced romance between Sieg & Jeanne begins and everyone else evolves into nothing. I’m only hanging onto the show because of Karna & Achilles, but at this rate they’re gonna lose & die horribly.

        Kirakira Precure is another sad case of how a long-running anime franchise can go wrong. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s still miles better than Mahou Tsukai Precure and Ichika is a superb protagonist, but the rest of the cast is just detached from the main plot & the story direction was a mess after a relatively stable first half. Most importantly, the “entertainment” value is gone and this season’s battles scenes (apart from the big, major ones) were all low-budget ones it deprived any tension & urgency for the viewers to be invested into them. Ichika alone cannot carry the show herself.

  6. Seungmi says:

    Hi Eva, I don’t know if you noticed but the woman of the knights of Hanoi is the nurse from episode 8, when Aoi was unconscious. Also you’re not the only one who’s not interested in Go at all, it seems like they’re trying so hard to involve him in the plot but let’s see how this goes. I’d rather see Naoki lol whom by the way, was pretty amusing this episode.

  7. 75chaosflare says:

    Watch as Go becomes the Roman Reigns of YGO were IRL fans will boo him XD

  8. Kazanova says:

    Players went into coma after playing online Duel…this really reminds me of .hack// series. Not really bad though. Plus, this episode also gave more insight on other members of Hanoi and all. Looking forward to see more of them. Although I hope there is at least one more Hanoi Duelist who is as cool as Revolver.

    As I thought! That Makoto guy really is Go’s old friend! It’s not like I hate Go or anything, but honestly, even as a child Go looks…old. He looked like an old guy with a body of child. They should have made him a little bit cuter as a child. This is my opinion though. I’m not so interested in Go either, but this maybe the opportunity for him to show something that make me think otherwise, so I’ll give him a chance. Go promising he will unveil Playmaker’s identity if he lost must be a bluff. I highly doubt he is able to find out Playmaker’s identity from only one and first meeting with Yusaku.

    • becs says:

      I agree about Go’s child design. I completely lost it and couldn’t stop laughing! Seriously he’s looks like baby Quagmire but without any of the sexism or adult jokes. Just WHY!? Was it to establish that he’s older!? It just looks hilarious like an adult if he could change himself into a kid that looked like his adult self XD

  9. Elaine says:

    I agree with you Eva I can’t stand Onizuka. He so boring and annoying. He complains about Playmaker stealing his fans but it is his own fault because if he would stand up to the Knights of Hanoi when they attack then he would be the hero and all he did when the first time they attack he stand there and did nothing. Also I don’t think he knows Playmaker’s identity because if he did I think he would have ask him to do a trade instead of dueling him.

    I really like the part where Yusaku and Ignis talk to each other it is so funny! For example when Ignis said tough to be popular, right Yusaku? and Yusaku says don’t group us together so funny!

    It’s crazy how Revolver is so obsessed with Playmaker and when they first dueled he said he had no interest in him at all and all he wants Ignis. Now Revolver can’t stop thinking about Playmaker.

    Also I don’t know why the Knights of Hanoi are going through so much trouble to get Playmaker to come out. I mean all they would have to do is send one of the Knights of Hanoi out or Revolver and the minute Playmaker would see them or hear about them being out he be right on them and wanting to duel them.

    And that’s mean of Naoki to say Yusaku has no future when he knows nothing about him.

    I don’t think it’s fair that everyone wants Playmaker to reveal his identity to them. I mean if Playmaker has to reveal his identity to everyone then everyone else has to.

    Also I don’t know if anyone knows about this but on YouTube their is a video saying that the director of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS apologize for episode 21.

    • Eva says:

      //Also I don’t know if anyone knows about this but on YouTube their is a video saying that the director of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS apologize for episode 21.//

      Oh wow, thanks for bringing it to my attention. That’s a surprise – but as a fan, I appreciate him having the courtesy to address the concerns. With this kind of sincerity, I would like to think VRAINS is in good hands. Hopefully the production concerns we have been hearing about have been smoothed out.

      For those who are looking for the official tweet, you can see it here:

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