Shokugeki No Soma: San No Sara – Episode 3

This show always makes me hungry I swear to god! It starts right off with Soma and Megumi at their small booth by Kuga’s promoting their black pepper bun and a few came but I eat it and honestly my mouth was watering a bit everytime I heard the crunch! I love crunchy food so much I love the sound and texture and ah! It didn’t help that they said how flavorful and juicy it was too! Again although I’m pathetic with spicy food it made me wanna go in there and try it! I don’t care if it burns my mouth off from my crappy tolerance I really wanted to try it! From the start it looks bleak, cause Kuga has an insane line as we would expect and Soma having some stragglers that was also expected.

We get a glimpse of other groups too like the polar star dorm, theirs looked approachable and Isshiki really did add in a river to compliment their booth xD he’s so extra honestly but we all love him right? We got to see Nikumi taking charge in the Don RS like always, The Aldini brothers getting ready with all the girls in their class, and the interesting combination of Hayama, Ryo, and Alice who also had a rocky start themselves! Alice messed up with the orders so they had a lot of spices but not enough ingredients for anything else, she forgot that she was the once to take and check the orders!

Kuga reaaaaaally annoyed me this episode, he keeps rubbing in Soma’s face how well he did and how terrible they did with a smirk on his face that gave me the urge to punch his face in. Look Kuga has skill and Soma did egg him on a bit about all he has to do to be in the Elite Ten is to beat them in a shokugeki which of course isn’t easy but he made it sound like it is, and yes the festival isn’t like a Shokugeki as Kuga pointed out either, I won’t deny any of it but gloating about how good you are while your opponent clearly gets the message without you being extra isn’t necessary in my book, if they get it that’s fine, leave it at that, the more you gloat the more blind you will be from over confidence and the dumber you’ll look when they prove you wrong and we know our Soma, he will shut Kuga up somehow and when he does we will have the last laugh with him like always!

The day ended with everyone in the Top 5 in their areas except Soma and Megumi’s booth and the weird trio. The former because they had little customers and the latter due to insufficient ingredients and lack of teamwork. It was funny that Erina was scolding them that they all made it to the Autumn Selections and only half of them did good while the rest lost money. On to day two we see that Soma and Megumi had another dish to offer aside from the black pepper bun and while their situation was similar to the previous day they had a few more customers! Their rank went from last place which is 40 to 35th place, Kuga keeps gloating of course which again bugs me but I digress.

Also real quick I’d like to point out how creative and extra Isshiki is with his booth, day two they changed the concept a bit, they kept the river but they went from an approachable and warm booth to a mini host club xD all the ladies flocked to the guys and they showed their picture on a board with their “types” and laughing I was like “am I watching the right anime?” Cause it was like a mini shout out to Ouran High School Host Club! Ah I love that show lol

Anyhow at the end of day two Soma goes around offering free food for the remaining customers to enjoy and it was a smart tactic his dad used which is to bring attention to people about his food so they know about it, if there’s enough people more will get curious and check out what’s going on, therefore more customers, we see that the second item he had was a Taiwanese noodle dish called Danzi noddles made with a light stock from shrimp or scallions and he used the dough from the buns and the same filling on top of it in on so either way people can still taste it and have their pick if the want something heavier or more light and enjoy it all the same! Soma ran into Sadatsuka Nao and had a bonding moment, honestly they were made for each other when it comes to their weird cooking combinations, he made her his nasty peanut butter grilled squid and they had fun discussing about it and their ways, it was funny but I was scared with Megumi when she said they shouldn’t have met cause they are a scary combination!


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  1. zztop says:

    The cocky showoffs are lucky this isn’t Shokugeki no Hannibal, otherwise they’d be getting both a culinary and artistically gruesome comeuppance.

    PS. Nikumi as Hannibal’s apprentice, as he corrupts her to the joys of the other white meat. :P

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