Shokugeki no Soma: San No Sara – Episode 2

So I almost forgot that this episode came out but when I remembered I watched right away and we get to see the small loose ends finally being taken care of this episode as Soma and everyone else is setting up for the Moon Festival.

Soma is thinking about his dish and what he can do to beat Kuga, while figuring this out he sees Erina and Alice fighting, Alice decides to be a part of the festival too late so of course Erina is trying to stop her, Soma takes the chance to have them taste test his diners Mapo Togu set when Hisako told Erina there’s going to be some construction delay for an hour. After trying it Erina explains that it’s lacking Ma and La and just like Soma I was like “wtf?” because I was just as lost as he was, she explained to him in detail about it (basically it’s the first two letters of these two spices.) and Alice explained what makes Kuga’s cooking so great and thats aside from the spices, Kuga makes his own. Alice went all scientific on us and explains that from a biological standpoint it’s the sense of pain. There are different taste receptors on our tongues for salty, sweet, bitter, umami, and spicy. When you eat something extremely spicy it’ll cause adrenaline and produce some kind of chemical in your brain that I forgot the name of it (I think that’s how she explained it.) and although it’ll hurt you keep wanting more hence the addicting effect…science and biology isn’t my strong suit so forgive me if I didn’t explain it right…

You couldn’t pay me enough to eat something that stupidly spicy, NOPE!

Megumi continues to show us she’s the best girl because she could be in a booth with her club or the dorm but instead she refuses both to help out Soma with his crazy plan all because he didn’t have enough people to help him and even brought Chinese cuisine recipes! Such a sweetheart! This girl is precious. She hasn’t tried Kuga’s version of Mapo Tofu so she can’t compare them but she’s such a sport when Soma when crazy with the spiciness, her mouth got red and swollen from how hot it was but she still ate everything he made her! This girl is so sweet! If that was me I’d have refused to eat those dishes because they were bright red!

Now have I ever mentioned how much I love Takumi? Because I do. A lot. He’s so adorable and funny, and a dork and- AH! Ahem! Anyways uh haha, ok he’s one of my favorite characters aside from Megumi, Soma, Alice, Ryo and Hayama. SPEAKING OF HAYAMA! Jun is hilarious and I love it when her motherly side comes out, I mean Alice tricked her into forcing Hayama to work with her so her and Ryo can have a booth for the festival but its heartwarming to see her acting like this, the woman gets teary eyed when she sees that Hayama has friends, I mean Alice is doing this for her benefit of course but this combination is an interesting one! I look forward to seeing them work together, I read it in the manga but it’s been a while so this will be a nice refresher!

Hijo is cool too, she was able to help hook Soma up with a stove oven, apparently you can stick dough on it and it’ll cook! Never saw one before but Soma’s dad used it once for a summer festival to change it up and it looks simple but cool!

Finally the festival will start but not before they sing a nice song to celebrate and make it official which is the school anthem, as you’d expect Soma was the only one that didn’t know or even heard about it so he felt really awkward watching everyone sing along  easily lol poor guy


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