Shokugeki No Soma: San No Sara – Episode 1 [First Impression]

MoonNyte’s First Impression

It’s back again, after a long time we finally get our food porn back guys! I don’t know about you but I missed it! As always this show made me feel hungry…Can you blame me though? They make everything look so good!

Right away we see best girl and squish Megumi on a bicycle and our confident and slightly crazy young chef Soma on a scooter, he just got one and how he got it I have no clue…I don’t think his dad gave him it considering how his track record is, I mean way back when he was helping out the Don RS his dad left him a tiny bit of money. Maybe he got paid at the work experience thing or something? I don’t know but regardless he has one and hes using it to go to school with Megumi by his side, he zones out and she helps him bring him back to earth so he doesn’t crash his fancy hot rod and the reason he spaces out? If you guessed the Elite ten you are correct but to be honest when doesn’t he think about them? They like to keep reminding us that he wants to be a part of it which I’m okay with, it’s just I just noticed that…it took me a while.

ANYWAYS! They had a flashback to them having a nice picnic with the Elite Ten and of course our crazy fool casually asks all of them if anyone is willing to have a shokugeki with him so he can beat one of them and become an elite ten. Ah Soma I missed you xD He never fails to surprise me but I saw it coming too. Now I read the manga so we got to see a glimpse of Rindou and Eishi I lowkey ship them… of course all of them gave him a “wtf” look and payed no mind to him, well one threw him a bone, Kuga who specializes in Chiniese cooking told him if he can make something that’s better than his he will have a shokugeki with him…easy enough right? Nope! Of course not because if it was, we wouldn’t even be here!

So we see Soma contemplate on his plan for how to beat Kuga and he’s at a loss but the return of The Terminator Hojo, the daughter of a famous Chinese restaurant owner, decides to show him skill wise how Kuga is and what kind of Chinese food he specializes in and takes him to the Chinese cuisine RS and we see like about a hundred identical, bald skinny, generic men all moving in sync like robots and Kuga is training them on the ways of his cooking like a dictator! I swear they look like robots who are dead inside. Soma mentions to Kuga he’s made a chinese dish at his diner before, Mopa Tofu and felt confident because it was pretty popular and Kuga pretty much said “Bitch please, your version is not the legit version, let me show you what it really looks and tastes like” had ten of his robots make that very dish and gave him a saying about the different providences of sichuan that talks about how it is spice wise and how they have been perfecting it for centeries and had him taste it. He kept going back and forth between it being good and ridiculously spicy, he says it feels like your tongue will burn off but the flavor is still going through. I’m not a fan of spicy food, in fact my tolerance for spicy anything is….pathetic. extremely pathetic, black pepper is hot enough for me and even then I’ll have a hard time if there’s too much and yet they made that dish look so good I had an urge to jump into the screen try it. This dude is such a dictator that he trained all of his robots to make the dish perfectly because Soma tried all ten of the Mopa Tofu that was in front of him and they all tasted the exact same!

We learn that a school festival called The Moon Festival (not gonna lie when they said that I thought of a harvest moon event because there’s a festival with the same name xD) is going to happen soon, there’s three areas where they can set up a booth, an average area, a better one, and a high end one, and because this is Totsuki its another opportunity for students to get expelled. Soma got stuckagain and was thinking how he can come around and it finally hit him while he was reminiscing with Erina during class, he decides to open a booth beside Kuga’s and draw his customers to himself like how he did with the breakfast buffet challenge where he had to serve 200 servings, which isn’t a bad idea actually.

The Verdict:

I’m glad with how it rolled out so far, and since I’m caught up with the manga I of course know whats going on currently but I like how they started it since I wasn’t sure how they’d start it and it was a good start, we got to see everyone’s personalities and quirks, and yet it flowed nicely from where we left off, it was a good episode, it did not disappoint, I’m looking forward to this season!

Possibility of Blogging: Yes please, it’s very high!
Possibility of Watching: Very high


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  1. zztop says:

    I think there was an OVA covering Souma’s meeting with the Elite 10 at their picnic.

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