Sengoku Night Blood Episode 2: SHE HAS A NAME!!!!!



This week’s episode was a mixed bag for me. On one hand I am just squealing because of the unexpected cuteness overload, and on the other, there’s a lot of problems that concern me.

Let’s start off with the Yuzuki, because I was quite critical when I assumed she didn’t have a name due to the lack of her own introduction in the first episode. Much to my relief, she has a name, and I have to say this is the first thing that reeled me into this episode. And it got better, because I am quickly becoming incredibly fond of this girl. I absolutely love how assertive Yuzuki is. She speaks out, she has a backbone to not go with the flow, she looks for ways she can be helpful to others, and has a great heart, not to mention she is absolutely ADORABLE! She isn’t letting the whole transcending worlds situation get to her head, and is being proactive in any way she can.

Hideyoshi suggests in order to effectively protect her, he will make her his and ask her hand in marraige. Yuzuku however is absolutely opposed to it because they had literally just met. When she is given time to think about, she doesn’t change her stance. Instead she opens up and straight up tells him they cannot marry because she is not from this world. Honestly her just telling him the truth is a straight up genius move. Of course it’s not enough to dissuade him from courting her, but at the very least she is able to make it clear that it is simply not an option for her.

After dominating the spotlight in the first episode, Hideyoshi was on the back-burner today, enabling his two trustees companions Toshiie and Mitsunari to spend time with Yuzuki. And I have to say, these two just sky rocketed to the top of the list. Hideyoshi who? Toshiie and Mitsunari are simply too adorable to pass up on. I just melted when both of them became so flustered while interacting with Yuzuki. She is completely indifferent to the skinship (WHEN SHE CUDDLED TOSHIIE AND THE WAY HE GOT SO FLUSTERED) and their feelings, that it’s hilarious, but when those two blush, it sends me over the moon. I am gone. It’s the fluff that will brighten your day.

This only makes me more excited to see what other unexpected charms we are going to see from the other characters. There’s so many so god help us keep track of them all.

We also learned about the Yakuma. They are monsters of unknown origins that have been poppying out recently. 1000% sure it has to do with Himemiko’s disappearance. They are quite creepy looking, so props to the design team for that.

However, what the hell was with the Yakuma’s lackluster debut? They come out… and hardly anything happens. I was sitting here waiting to see the actual fight unfold, but they didn’t even treat us to that! Which is a bloody shame because the Yakuma designs are hella creepy and I would definitely like to see an actual combat scene with something at stake. But god… Talk about an underwhelming debut for the Yakuma…

Then we have a couple of things that are concerning me. Frankly speaking, if it weren’t for Yuzuki, Toshiie and Mitsunari coming out strong this week, I probably would have stopped watching this. This goes to show that the cast are really what is going to make or break this adaption. Why? Because at this point of time, everything feels flat. From the friction between the clans to the debut of the Yakuma.


But my biggest problem with the episode was the pace. I can’t tell you how disappointing it was for Yuzuki’s interactions with the men to be completely rushed. It only left more to be desired. I could feel it in my bones that I would love it so much more if they took their time with it. Furthermore, it appears they will be looking to prioritize characters interactions over the plot progression, which makes me confused because, what’s the point if you are just going to rush it anyways? Is it supposed to be a speed date? And I fear this is will become a pattern, with perhaps the sole exception of Hideyoshi, that is if they intend to have a canon ending with him.

Overall I would say this episode was a lot better than the first. There are things I liked and disliked, but it has me curious enough to stick around where this series will go. Since I am still on the fence, I will give it one more episode to determine whether or not I want to cover it, otherwise I will just watch it.

Random Note of the Week: Man they are all falling for her lmao. Well she is cute. OH MY GOSH HE’S SO CUTE SHIT WHEN HE BLUSHES IM DONE, OH MY GOD SHIT HE’S SO CUTE. I CAN’T. I CAnN’T IM GONE, WHEN HE’S FLUSTERED!!!!!



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