Omiai Aite Wa Osheigo Episode 1 (First Impression!!!)

Pandora’s First Impression

Songs that describe this episode: If You Do It by Various Vocaloids, The Bad Touch( C.C Bauman Remix) by The Bloodhound Gang,  Candy Shop by 50 Cent, F*** This S*** I’m Out,  Turn Up The Music by Chris Brown,  Stacey’s Mom by Fountains by Wayne, Everybody(Danceboy Remix) by Tony T and Evelyn, and Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry

This show. Good thing I’m watching the censored version. Also probably same studio as priest show( for the record).

Alright, I think I’m going to like it, I guess. I just want to see how he gets her back or gets her to love him, because I guess that is my favorite part of the teacher/student or high school student/adult genre. He has to sway her into loving him even though he’s young. My favorite part is when someone finds out and they have to bribe them not to snitch( The snitch is always a scrub, who has been trying to find dirt the whole show.)

Okay, the beginning of the episode starts with Kuga disobeying Nano, the teacher and then Nano goes to an arranged marriage meeting, gets drunk and “gets down” with her Kuga on “accident”.

RIP HER 2017

Welp. That’s where we are left. Until next week, of course. What happens to Nano after she figures out she’s been “ hitting the floor” with her student? Why did the parents recommend his boy? Why is the Kuga a “delinquent”? Why is Kuga even dressing up like an older guy and “ doing the 69” to his own teacher? All the questions in the world can wait until next week.

For the record, also, the ending credits are cute.

Possibility of Covering: Moderately High.


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