Kino no Tabi Episode 2: Colosseum 


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  1. jsyschan says:

    Given the constraints that they have to work with, devoting this story to one episode rather than two, it’s clear that they had to cut some things out. This episode was rushed, and compared to the previous one, it’s hard to get a clear backstory. I think that it had to be rushed since the series will tell stories about Shizu and Master, not just Kino, so I don’t think they could devote two episodes to this. It was certainly a shame, but I suppose that the producers (or whoever is in charge) wants to tell certain stories, so they had to cut some stories short and get some stories over with quickly. Someone mentioned that having this episode so soon and so rushed made it devoid of Kino’s character. I certainly wish this wasn’t the case, but nevertheless, I look forward to seeing the future stories be more involved with Kino (or the character of the day) so we can understand her better.

    • Vantage says:

      Yeah. The irony is that it’s all kind of self-defeating. If there will be more stories about Shizu, then surely it would be a good thing for Shizu to be established better as a character, right? You would want viewers to be interested in him, and invested in him. The way to achieve that is by spending more time telling us about his life and giving him screen time – it shouldn’t be acceptable to just introduce him, since the better aim is ideally to introduce him well. The end result is that the motive behind rushing the Colosseum story (to introduce Shizu so he can appear later on) collapses in on itself (because the consequences of rushing means that Shizu hasn’t been established as well as he could be).

      If there were planning constraints, then the solution should be to either advertise this as a sequel (so there’s no need to introduce Shizu like it’s the first time anyone’s seen him) like I mentioned in the post, or just remove a later stand-alone episode entirely. I’d prefer a beautiful adaptation over a rushed one.

      As for Kino’s character – yes, I’ve heard people say things like that as well. Questions along the lines of why she comes off as a psychopath who murdered the king and told everyone to go kill each other, all seemingly for no reason. Taking some time to depict the terrible living conditions in the slums and to focus more on the king as a despicable character (instead of almost a non-entity) as the old adaptation did, even if it wasn’t how the light novel did it, would have gone some way to solving that. But alas, it wasn’t to be.

      • jsyschan says:

        Regardless, though it could have been handled differently, the episode was alright. It accomplished the goal of introducing Shizu and Riku without being too deep, and I really enjoyed the animation. I’ve been reading the translated novels on Baka-Tsuki, and thus far, Kino and Shizu’s path only intersected once from what I’ve read, though they have crossed a few times, so I look forward to his individual stories.

        • Vantage says:

          I agree. It wasn’t terrible, it just could have been handled better. I did like the Shizu fight itself, and the king’s death was very impactful. Also Riku is extremely cute and fluffy. CUTE AND FLUFFY!

  2. jsyschan says:

    I’d also like to point out another link that someone posted. In regards to the series, they can only tell a certain amount of stories, and according to Crunchyroll, the stories chosen to be adapted were based on a poll:

    • Vantage says:

      Wow! Thank you for this, I had no idea the list of stories had been published! No surprise that Land of Adults will be adapted, but I didn’t expect Kind Land to be on the menu too, even though in some ways it parallels Land of Adults. I wonder who they’ll get to voice Sakura now that Yuuki Aoi has become Kino. A complete newcomer to the industry (just like Aoi was when she was Sakura) would be really fitting, I think.

      There’s only 11 listed there, and so far as I’m aware it’s still uncertain how many episodes this adaptation will be (though I find anything longer than one-cour to be really unlikely) so there’ll be some mystery ones to look forward to. Some I don’t recognise at all too, which is really exciting!

      • jsyschan says:

        Yeah, I read the stories, but I don’t remember their titles, so I look forward to watching them ‘fresh’ in a way. I don’t think they’ll adapt it, but I really hope they adapt the story about the Land of Chefs (or whatever the correct title is), where Kino cooks.

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