Juuni Taisen Episode 2

WHAT, BOAR’S ACTUALLY DEAD?! I legitimately was not expecting that. Alright. This set the pace for the rest of the show then. That actually makes sense when you think about it. 12 or 13 episodes and one person dies each episode. Using my superior, analytical, mental math skills, that means someone dies this episode too. ***Except for the fact that Snake died in the first episode too. Thank you for that, comment section. Superior mental math skills apparently only work when the formula is right.

Ok, ok. Even from the opening scene, we’re starting to see some of the skill alignments for each character. I appreciate that. How they react, how they fight, etc. From the quick and nimble to the tanks. It also seems like Tiger has some sort of important match to settle with Ox. Not important enough to skip out on booze though.

The intro card each character is getting is a neat feature. Plus, they’re not being introduced too fast or too slow. No clue what they mean, but I guess everyone’s killing a little differently.

So far I really like Monkey and Chicken. Wait, did Monkey just confirm she’s actually incredibly strong and intelligent but refuses to use her potential because she hates killing? Damn, I like her even more now. On the opposite end, I really dislike Rat. I sympathize with Chickens statement of how difficult it can be working with kids. I get the sense he fights very dirty and does whatever it takes. Almost. Like. A. Rat. One aspect I don’t care for surrounding this show is that everyone is so set in the personality of their animal, it seems like everything is extremely predictable. If that ends up being true, that means the action is going to have to pick up the slack.

Predictable behavior confirmed. Dog is just going around biting people. That’s just messed up. Wow, that poison almost instantaneously made that man’s head explode in blood. You could’ve just killed him like you killed all the others.

Chicken’s innocence is the most adorable thing. That means one of two things. She’s good at fighting in a unique way or she’s just a chicken but is actually incredibly strong. I hope for the latter. I can easily imagine someone pissing her off and them getting clawed to death by birds or something. What a vaguely cool but also really inefficient power. Against regular people that might be good, but against other super beings? I’m not quite intimidated by her intro card slogan either.

Suuuuuure, Dog. Inject her with “poison”. I see you. Oh… Did… Did dog just die? Whelp. Actually, that makes sense. He apparently could negate the poison. The poison’s goal was to have a time limit so no one could leave the boundary’s like Boar did last time. By writing in he could nullify poison, it also basically sealed his fate.

Birds. Birds everywhere.

Oh no. Chicken. Stop. Why does all the bad stuff happen to Boar? The worst part is, after tearing apart an already dead body, I feel like Chicken is going to be injured and exhausted which will inevitably lead to her death.

So far, I have no inkling as to who might win. My money is on Monkey pulling a ceasefire of sorts. Ox is the favorite. Oddly enough, that almost guarantees he won’t win. He’ll probably lose to a cheap tactic by Rat or something similar. Something that maintains his legacy as a great fighter even though he lost.

Overall, this episode did not have a lot to discuss. Dog, I didn’t really care for you, but you didn’t deserve that. Well, you did actually.

More action in the coming episodes is my only real concern. Of who’s left, Sheep uses explosives, but everyone else seems quite combat ready. Actually, there is the other legendary twin brother who has a slushie dispenser or something on his back. This far in, the lack of fighting is the only real issue.


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4 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    Nisioisin will be writing a sequel novel to Juuni Taisen, titled Juuni Taisen vs Juuni Taisen. Out this December.

    Apparently the novel had an audience viewpoint character, a reporter covering the Zodiac War live from a safe distance. Said character seems to have been phased out so viewers can observe the characters directly.

    • APlus says:

      You’re a bundle of useful information and I love it. Are you saying this series airing now is supposed to have a reporter?

      If so, that’s interesting that they phased it out. The difference to me is between what could be just a generic action flick vs a unique play on POV. Playing with perspectives would no doubt be challenging, so I can’t blame them for simplifying, but if they had succeeded I think this show’s complexity and watchability, for lack of a better word, would be far higher.

      That would also makes me just a bit sad. Maybe taking out the reporter took away what would have made it a Nisio anime.

  2. Ashley Leong says:

    Actually two people died in episode one. it was the Snake (one of the twins) and Boar.

    • APlus says:

      … whoops. Thanks for the correction. Writing while I was watching real-time clearly took up too much of my brain power.

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