Houseki no Kuni – Episode 2 [Diamond]

Phos is still trying to avoid the encyclopedia project given to them by Master Kongo, and now they have another dilemma: how to help Cinnabar be re-integrated into the jewel people’s society. They encounter Jade and Euclase, and it’s the former who suggests that Phos talk to Diamond. However they are out on patrol at the moment, and Jade advises that Phos wait until Diamond returns until they talk to them. It should also be noted that Master Kongo leaves to start his meditation at this time, and if you’re wondering why I’m mentioning it specifically, it becomes of great importance later in the episode. >>

Anyways, so of course Phos goes to find Diamond. Just as the two meet, Lunarians attack again. Diamond puts up a good defense using a new strategy they devised, but they lose their sword at one point and just when it looks like it’s all over for the two jewels, Diamond’s partner Bort arrives to save the day.

However this is no happy reunion. Because Diamond is a difference type of diamond than Bort and is technically more fragile, Bort is forever frustrated with Diamond because they insist on putting themselves into danger by trying to join in whatever fight is taking place. This causes a lot of conflict between the two.

Suddenly the Lunarians return again… but this time they ignore Phos, Bort and Diamond and instead fly by overhead and head towards the jewel people’s city. Master Kongo, who would ordinarily help defend the city, is immersed in his meditation and can’t be disturbed. (Literally. Attempting to physically wake him up will cause that jewel’s body to break. As for sound, he doesn’t appear to be able to hear noises while he’s meditating, even if someone is yelling at him.)  Also, the Lunarians seem to be carrying some unknown object with them on their cloud…

The attack on the city catches Jade and Euclase unaware, but thankfully Bort, Phos and Diamond arrive moments after the Lunarians and Bort wastes no time jumping into action. Bort defeats the Lunarians, and the object they carried with them falls to the ground below. It’s a shell of some kind. A sea shell? Or…

It’s a snail shell, housing a giant acidic snail inside. While everyone’s attention is momentarily diverted, the snail emerges from the shell and swallows Phos whole. The snail’s slime melts everything it touches, including Bort’s hair and Jade’s leg. So this means that inside the snail, Phos is slowly starting to dissolve. How can Bort and the others get Phos out from inside the snail in time… if they even make it in time?

My thoughts: I think it’s neat that each character is named after a different gemstone. This show alone has introduced me to at least a half-dozen new gemstones that I didn’t even know existed! (Thanks Wikipedia)

I’ve noticed that so far the Lunarians often seem to attack when Phos is out on the island and away from the safety of the city. Is this because Phos’ jewel is highly desired by the Lunarians as previously mentioned? Or could these attacks just coincidentally happen when Phos is around?

So what happens if a jewel person is melted? As long as there is at least a fragment or two of their original body, can they still be put back together? And will they still have all of their original memories?

I’m really enjoying Houseki no Kuni so far, and I can’t wait for next week’s episode to see if Phos can be resurrected!



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2 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    Diamond has their own (unofficial) theme song, showing off their best points:

    “They are all I need to please me,
    They can stimulate and tease me,
    They won’t leave in the night,
    I’ve no fear that they might desert me.”

    Seems pretty unfair to the other minerals though. :P

    • Nikolita says:

      XD XD Someone with video editing skills better get on that then. We don’t know much about some of the jewel people yet, but I bet someone could put together a video for either Phos or Jade.

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