Dies Irae – Episode 0 [First Impression]

MoonNyte’s First Impression:

Well I have no idea what was going on at all in this episode, I can’t say much because I was seriously that lost, this episode was more for the VN readers and since I didn’t even know there was one about it I was very lost. I went into this episode blind basically. It was interesting yes but I was lost completely so for those of you who have read the VN if I get things wrong please forgive me because it felt all over the place to me. Also it was hard to take screenshots because I got too focused on trying not to get as lost as I did.

That detail is increbile!

From the start it looks like a view into the future, it’s a shot of night time with a guy with blue hair who I assume will be our male lead about to fight this guy with long majestic blonde hair who’s smirking at him, the visuals were very impressive, you could see the small details of some of the backgrounds and it looked gorgeous!

Now as I mentioned this episode was all over the place, this whole episode was a prequel to the beginning of the series, this takes place around World War II in 1939 in Berlin, and there’s these officers at war with each other trying to resurrect these what I’d like to call “super humans.” they focus on this one officer who has blonde hair named Heydrich and from the sound of it while he has no motivation he does what he has to as he likes to say and he’s really respected, people compliment him on his good work that they are in good hands and such, I did noticed some were forcing their smiles and some looked jealous but that’s bound to happen at his position, plus he looks young and the ones around him are older so it’s the typical stuff. A dark haired mage, I believe his name was Karl was imprisoned and the officer let him out in exchange for him to be of help.

Later it cuts to this silver haired male and girl (I think it’s a girl anyway) who are wrecking havoc and fighting with each other on the streets, we also see this beautiful pink haired lady holding an artifact, we get shots of her in this dark room of her enjoying wine with bloody corpses around in spiked coffins, tables, and hanging, not really sure why they showed us that, but I’m sure it’ll be explained cause I’m curious, she got my attention and I have a lot of questions haha!

Three women who are Valkyries join Heydrich and Karl and it looks like one of them fancies him, I thought that was a nice touch to the tense atmosphere and fights we saw. we cut to a burning building and the Valkyries go to the fight scene to get it under control, the fights looked evenly matched but during this, Karl was telling Heydrich how he will destroy the world and that love and destruction is the same thing. Its out of place but basically he’s a God of Destruction and the mage Karl knew of him and I could be wrong but made him remember what he was capable of?

Well that escalated quickly….

Because, in a matter of minutes it gets even crazier, we see 13 individuals with magic, killing soldiers who are trying to get them left and right in numerous ways, some more gruesome than others, there was a golden structure going into this warp thing in the sky, Heydrich said he will create a new world- god help me I’m so confused! This is what I get for not knowing about or seeing the VN!

Honestly a lot has happened at once to me, I didn’t understand most of what was going on, I loved the fights and visually it was appealing but sadly I can’t say anymore because I don’t wanna mess it up for those who enjoyed it, for those of you  who could keep up please fill me in because I was very confused, like no joke, I hope I’ll understand it better next episode since it’ll start in the modern day world with our male lead I think his name was Fujii Ren? I am excited to learn about him and this very interesting story! Maybe once I understand it more I can go back to this episode and everything will click for me


I felt horrible being so confused the entire episode, I enjoyed it a lot, many characters and their quirks were intriguing to me, as well as the art style and atmosphere, the setting was good too, the down side is because I didn’t know about the visual novel at all, I went into this blind and again while I enjoyed it I felt like I was watching a movie prequel based off a book and it used references and showed things that only the readers would know about, most of it flew over my head, I can’t deny it was good, I just wish I knew what was going on so I could write a proper review of it!

Possibility of Blogging: Low – only because I didn’t understand the prequel, I will give it three episodes, by then hopefully I’ll understand it better!

Possibility of Watching: Very High


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2 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    From what I’ve heard, Ep 0’s 1st half covers (and heavily compresses) a side story from the source game, which is an origin story for the main villians. It details the leaders, their followers and how they all got together to form their group in 1939. This story was meant to be enjoyed after you completed the game, to give more depth to their background. It apparently ran for about 1 hour.

    The 2nd half condenses the game’s prologue, which takes place in 1945 during the fall of Berlin and the defeat of the Nazis. The villain’s group have decided to cut ties with the Nazis to carry out their own plans for world domination in the far future. The villians were killing people left and right in this part to harvest the human souls needed for the big magic spell to activate the warp portal, to stay in magic hibernation until the time is right for them to return again.

    I’d recommend looking at Let’s Play’s videos of Dies on Youtube, esp. the intro, to get what the villians were doing. It’s been translated into English.
    Ep 1 should hopefully give a clearer direction of the series, when it shifts to the MC in modern day Japan (the blue haired boy with the scarf).

    The anime will have 18 eps total, 12 TV episodes and 6 online streaming episodes. It was crowdfunded by fans of the VN, which raised 96 million yen (exceeding the targeted 30 million yen).

  2. Berry says:

    That’s okay I didn’t understand shit either. I actually stopped watching the second the long haired guy told Heydrich he’s a God of Destruction or whatever. Honestly I didn’t even understand what they were saying either. Too much was going on, plot wise and character wise, and I got so tired that I just watched. Apparently things went crazy after I stopped watching, haha.

    With the way they made this episode 0, it’s giving me the feeling that this anime might only be enjoyable for the VN fans. And since I know nothing about the VN, I’ll just stay away unless people really say it’s good.

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