Code:Realize ~ Sousei no Himegimi Episode 3

This was a good change of pace, but also a good time to provide insight in regards of Van’s backstory explaining why he is so dead-set on going after Finis. This episode while it didn’t make me cry, it did make my heart hurt. I especially appreciated the adjustments made for the fight between Delly (Delacroix II) and Van. Instead of Van using his guns, they had the two duke it out first with swords and then through martial arts. This made the fight between them far more intimate, highlighting how their relationship has changed. Before the Great Vampire War (aka: The Vampire Hunt), Van was close friends with the Delacroix family. He knew better than anyone how Vampires were not one to harm humans, but a peaceful species. He was the first to speak out on their behalf, only to learn not only was the claims of the vampire attacks were all fabricated for the sake of providing an opportunity for the British Empire to showcase their military prowess. Twilight, who are secret special forces, were assigned to purge the vampires. Had Van had a choice at the time, he would have without a doubt fought on the side of the Vampires, but there was one problem. Finis held his own family hostage. If he didn’t do the job, his family would be killed. This is how Van ended up fulfilling the mission of killing the Delacroix Royal Family, sparing Delly in the process. However despite following through, in the end, it was all in vain because when he returns, he finds his own family dead. This is why Van understands better than anyone the kind of pain Delly is going through, and the reason why he offered Delly a proposal: Give up revenge on the Human Race, and direct his hatred to him alone. In return, Van will give him his life, but before then, there is something he must do (kill Finis). Once it’s all over, then Delly can offer him to his deceased family.

All of this goes to show how Van is actually someone with a kind heart, but it is burdened by a tragedy that continues to haunt him to this very day. In a sense, Van cannot forgive himself for what he has done, and that’s why he is so willing to let Delly take his life.

UGH MY HEART!!!!! ; A ;

As mentioned, one of the things I especially like was the pacing of the episode. They did an excellent job of mixing everything together, setting up a goal for the upcoming episode, and how it was arranged. They went from discussing the plan of kidnapping Twilight’s Leader, the quick training sessions with Impey, Victor, Lupin and Saint-Germain, then straight to confronting Delly.

After that they set it up so that Van for to finally agree to train Cardia, which we see post-credits. It is also during this scene where Delly accepts Cardia’s offer of joining them at the mansion, because Cardia knows better than anyone what it’s like to live in isolation.

I appreciate the pace they have set for this series, as well as some of smart the changes that are being made. It doesn’t feel rushed whatsoever, which can be difficult given how much content this series actually has. It only makes me have even more faith in the episodes ahead of us. I say Code:Realize’s adaption is in good hands!

I will say this though: I am shocked Cardia hasn’t gotten her new outfit yet. LOL, sucks to have to train in that heavy dress, but I suppose that only makes her even more of a badass! ;)



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2 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    I heard in the game that Van Helsing’s past is a little different – that his tragedy was caused by the old man at Finis’s side. (He was beside Finis during his meeting with the Queen back in Ep 2) How true is this?

    Does the man play a big role in the overall story?

    PS. For an otome game adaptation which isn’t by Kyoani, the staff aren’t scrimping on visual quality. Nothing looks too cheap, muted and rushed, the action scenes are decent, and I like the colour tones of the hairstyles on each character.

    • Eva says:

      I deliberately made the decision to leave this particular detail out because I didn’t want to spoil anyone in case they haven’t played the game. I am not sure if it will be addressed later on, though there is a possibility it might be confronted.

      If you don’t mind spoilers and want verification on it:


      Yes, the elder man Aleister is the one who killed his family. There’s a whole lot more more too it to and it’s gonna rip your heart out. However, this is not revealed until the very end of the game. So it’s currently stands true for Van to believe Finis is the one responsible for killing his family. It’s one of the great twists that really mess you up.

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