Boruto New Generation Ep 29( How are you not Dead, my boy?)

Boruto New Generation Ep 29( How are you Not Dead, my boy?)

Songs that clearly describe this episode completely: Miss Murder by AFI, That Drop by Surilla, Rasputin by Boney M, Money and the Power by Kid Ink, Don’t Fear the Reaper by Pierce the Veil(Cover), Bad Moon Rising by CCR, The Metro by Berlin, Dead and Gone by T.I feat Justin Timberlake, and 99 Luftballoons by Nena

Wow.( slow clap). I have no clue what to think.

After becoming friends with the Leaf Village kids, Kagura goes to his old teacher, who somehow didn’t die during his rampage( probably insane), and helps him steal the 7 Swords of the Mist. Then they try to destroy the memorial of all the people who died during the war and then Boruto, the Mikukage and Sarada show up.

Sarada’s “really boy” face^

But Boruto’s idea is crazy. Can’t use a sword, and shows up to a swordfight. But it will work somehow. Somehow. Why is the former mikukage going with this…? There is a good reason I missed. Wait! They have to cover up that the swords are missing in the first place, so everyone is not alarmed and they don’t cause diplomatic problems.

I love how the Mikukage is just roasting them as steel strings pierce his skin. But the opposing team got in some roasts in there. A lot of roasts. He’s in a losing battle.

Jesus Christ, It’s the Mikakage!! (I was trying to get a cheap joke in there….I failed.)

Shikdai and Inojin figure out something is going down(“ they look sketcky AF”) and they follow Boruto and end up seeing Mitsuki and Sugiestu, arguing down there.

When Skikdai and Inojin get caught by Sugietsu, I almost died. They were so afraid. I would been afraid too, dang.

Knowing Sugietsu, he is probably going to misinform all of them in one detail of information and that will be mess up their plan. RIP all of them. Maybe that won’t happen. Maybe he tell them everything or maybe he won’t because he is not supposed to.  And that scroll. What is that? That will be a problem.

The best part of the incident is that Inojiin says that ” this trip was actually a cover for the grown-ups and their business..” Damn right, my boy.

I also notice that the sensei guy has his “ho”. Every bad guy has his girl (Bonnie and Clyde, every action movie, Kang Chul from W-Two Worlds, etc.). The one who does everything for the guy without asking any questions. We all know that character/person.

Also how is that boy not dead? How though???

Gets slashed in the throat, still alive. Well, not the vital part of his throat….

And also that sensei remind of Orochmaru, seriously. The way he gets up close to people. It’s creepy and manipulative. He need to chill out… Also he thinks Kagura is indebted to him because he got slashed and almost died. He really need to chill out.


I have so many questions about this episode. First of all, where did Boruto get that idea? If the sensei almost got killed by Kagura, why is he trying to help him so hard? And also, what is up with the obsession of Blood Mist Village? Who is going to snitch( to the teachers)? Will they be back before roll call, so nobody has to snitch? Is Sarada going to beat the lighting sword ho up? All those questions answered in about 72 to 75 hours, give or take.



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