Boruto Episode 30 ( This episode is good, but can this arc end?)

Boruto Episode 30 ( This episode is good, but can this arc end?)

Songs that describe this perfectly: Gatorix by NeLime, Raising Fighting Spirt(dj-jo dubstep remix), First Gate by NeLime, Lose My Mind by DWA, We Like to Party by Nick Spitz and Technoposse, (Girls) Run the World by Beyoncé, I Don’t F*** With You by Big Sean, and Swag It Out by Zendaya

When they try to use the OG Naruto format for an episode, but it doesn’t seem to be going too well or maybe they didn’t want to go too well in the first place. If younger Naruto was in this situation, he would have been able to relate with Kagura, but since Boruto is in this situation, he can’t relate. Well, he is only like eleven years old and all eleven year olds have trouble relating with other people. Kagura is slighty older and according to my psychology book, when to turn 13, you use more concrete thinking or something( thanks psych for helping me understand). So they think differently, slighty( but some 11 year olds are more mature than others..)

The Mikakage still roasting people and he could have gotten out of those string the whole time, but he wanted to continue to roast everyone. And then he beats them up with a broken sword. A broken sword.  For real, tho. The Mikakage was not playing.

Burned, pon’ed, roasted, toasted, or whatever you call it, it happened.

Then Sarada and the other girl. That lighting b**** was savage. She was about to kill her for real. But for all “villians”, I feel bad about their backstory. Her mom was so mean, that could change a person. Maybe if her mom was nice, she wouldn’t be here.

And the fact that everyone was hating on the Leaf Village for their weak ninja system was like “ really, tho?” Sarada used science to wreck that ho. Since the ninja curriculum has general courses like science, English, and math, she probably learned that from school. Wrecked. Every time.

And why Boruto trying to save Kagura, so badly? Dang. That’s part of the OG Naruto plot. Kagura doesn’t know something about his sensei’s plan and once he figures out, he’s going to turn or the Mikakage is going to wreck him or Mitsuki is going to wreck him with a scroll. What does the that scroll even have in it? I wonder. Just because I mention these solutions, they are not going to happen.

Iwabe showed up. Ayyy!

Kagura’s sensei is really starting to creep me out. Everyone knows that creepy teacher that always is over your shoulder during tests, he’s that boy right there.

Ha, gay!

That’s pretty much all. How did they get wrecked when they had superior swords? What is that? Is Mitsuki going to get there before 9:45, so they can make for roll-call? Are they all( Iwabe, Mitsuki, Sarada, and Boruto) going to make to roll-call or is everyone going to be wrecked for being late?

Next Wednesday: Boruto vs. Kagura.

I promise not to be late this time. Thanks college.




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