Animegataris Episode 2 (Y’all Got Members or Not?)

Animegataris Episode 2 ( Y’all Got Members, or not?)

Songs that accurately describe this episode: F*** This S*** I’m Out, Around the World by ATC, I Don’t F*** With You by Big Sean, MTC by DJ S3RL, Zombie Nation by Kerncraft 2000, Hi Scandinavia by Mattise and Sadko, Destination Unknown by Alex Guadino feat Crystal Waters, and Strong by R3HAB and Kashmir

When you thought this show was looking normal AF, but it still is not.

They start out with recruiting for the club in bunny costumes( I was literally dying when the butler was dancing…)

Apparently, they were successful, because they gained the member There is Miko a girl in Arisu and Minoa’s class who likes light novels, there is the third year senpai called Eriko, there is that chunnibyo kid who wanted to be called Musashisakai, Kai, and there is the hot guy called Koukai( he hardcore, proving that you can still like anime and be hot AF. Stereotype broken.) And there is that teacher who is supposed be the advisor, who is called Masato (I believe….)and there is that talking cat called Neko-senpai for now( he didn’t want a basic name.)

It is funny how they got the members together, most of them just walked in, but when they had to get that boy from the roof, when he was setting up his barrier and he says “ How could there be an anime club without me” and all the papers fly up and hit him.

Then that huge fight with light novels vs. anime with Arisu and Miko. ( Miko is right, the novel is always better than the adaptation, every day. If you can read the OG source material, just do it. But almost all anime is an adaptation…) If it weren’t for Minoa , she would have been gone and left. At least they realized the fight was dumb.

The MC still does not understand anime, and should probably watch them more because she has no clue what anyone is talking about. The cat let her know. I employ those tactics all the time. When I hear some boy talking about One Piece, I don’t join in because I know nothing, but I hear someone talking about Naruto, I join in.

Then the student council busts up in there and tells them to stop using the club room for some reason. We don’t know why yet really. It will probably some dumb reason too, “There is a cat in your room.” Or “ We don’t think anime is educational.”

And also who was that boy looking at the cat while he was talking? Who was that? He about to snitch.

And those references kill me every time. Ru:Zero? Team Am? I was rolling over there.


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  1. FoundOnWeb says:

    And of course you can’t let the bunny-girl recruiting scene go by without mentioning the oh-so-familiar background music

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