Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 19


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  1. kofmaster says:

    And so Yusaku won the prize to the Main character with the most traumatic childhood.

    • Eva says:

      When I saw him get electrocuted I was like, “OMFG THIS IS EVEN WORSE THAN WHAT YUSEI WENT THROUGH!!!” PROTECT YUUSAKU AT ALL COST! ; A ;

  2. becs says:

    This was such a plot heavy episode! I found the pacing to be really good in this one. The duel wasn’t focused on too much (although I agree it’s being dragged out for WAAYY too long!). I actually thought that it’s not good for Yusaku to lose at this stage when he’s so close to getting information he needs.

    I fully expected Yusaku to go apeshiit on Akira when he started explaining about being a kidnapped kid. Because that is SO uncomfortable! Having your traumatic past laid out in front of these people for them to judge and pity you. But he surprised me when he just relented and told Aoi and that himself.

    Oh gods, his PTSD is so sad to watch. Just watching him in kindergarden class with the teacher who clearly is trying her best to help him. Seeing him try to even SMILE brings pain! And even after 10 years he still has nightmares. I mean what we saw was grim imagery. The sign ‘you lose’ displayed in a distorted gross zombie-like substance was disturbing and he imagines himself being shocked to becoming awake. It makes sense as well, Yusaku never even got a sense of closure. Nothing was told about why he was kidnapped, and they were never even found and brought to justice.

    I’m guessing he was in an orphange because they never mention his parents at any stage, and he’s living alone in that run down apartment. Although, how can he afford to support himself considering he has no job as far as we know? I doubt he advertises his hacking services for money considering that may leave a paper trail, and it would cut into his time looking for hanoi knights. Maybe he gets a government allowance while he’s in high school?

    I am 100% with you though. If Akira withholds the name of the boss I will flip my shit as well! Yusaku needs closure for the incident, and he needs to do it himself. He can’t trust anyone BUT himself!!

    Akira for all his good intentions, is kind of an ignorant asshole. He looked up the incident from 10 years ago merely because he was curious and is withholding it from Yusaku (pretty much the only person who SHOULD have this information) in order to give him a ‘normal life’ due to pity, not understanding that Yusaku is doing this because he HAS NO LIFE LIKE THAT!! Because the incident haunts his dreams and he hasn’t been able to escape from it for 10 years! So Yeah, I’d find Akira insulting as well, despite how well intentioned he is.

    Poor Kusanagi as well, he’s clearly affected. Not as a victim but in how being related to one of the victims can severely hurt family members as well which was Yusaku’s point.

    • Eva says:

      My heart hurts for Yuusaku, he certainly did not plan on opening up about his past, and now he has to deal with this guy obstructing him from getting a hold of information and telling him off to stop his revenge – ESPECIALLY WHEN HE KNOWS WHAT’S UP. One thing when someone is ignorant of the other’s suffering, but it’s an entirely different story when they know the motive. If he decides to be fucking stupid and preach, “NO REVENGE FOR YOU!” shit, I hope Aoi calls him out on it – but I won’t hold my breath for it.

      Yeah it looks like Yuusaku may have been an orphan, which would’ve been a prime target for kidnapping considering there would be no family to miss him. :( Ugh Yuusaku deserves happiness.


    • Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

      “how can he afford to support himself considering he has no job as far as we know? Maybe he gets a government allowance while he’s in high school?”

      It’s nothing new. Shark & Rio NEVER revealed where they lived (not even an orphanage) for the entirety of Zexal after their parents were killed and they left their old mansion; same thing with their finances, we never knew how they sustained themselves.

  3. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

    Coughs… Sorry, I’m having a high fever as I type this…

    As much I’m annoyed that the duel will drag on for another episode, I’m glad they revealed more of Yusaku’s traumatic past when he’s trapped and was ordered to survive via dueling, had it not for that mysterious voice I doubt he would go beyond that (alongside the six other children). The failure to escape that haunted past eventually drove Yusaku to take on the Knights of Hanoi… and that’s how VRAINS started in the first place.

    As I now return to my sickbed, I’m going to have a rush-run of Re:Zero (A HUGE missing anime gem for me) within a week… for more trauma.

    • Eva says:

      Omfg trauma marathon lmfao, Re:Zero will definitely deliver!
      I hope you get well soon!

      • Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

        Yeah, I still couldn’t believe I MISSED an awesome anime gem in Re:Zero last year. Takahashi Rie is fast growing into one of my favourite voice actresses ever (recognized her roles as Mirai (sighs), Megumin (EXPLOSION!), Emilia & Ernesti) but damn I chose that shit show Mahou Tsukai Precure (where Rie voiced the main protagonist Mirai) over Re:Zero (where Rie voiced Emilia, a very controversial female lead). I thought Mahou Tsukai was terrible, until Arc V’s second half happened.

        “I hope you get well soon!”

        Easy to say, dengue fever is a killer disease… BTW, Knight’s & Magic is set to conclude next week (thank you narrator for RUSHING it too fast and littering story details anytime), and Vlad was turned into Dracula against his will and was wrecked by Karna and co. in episode 12. (Fate/Apocrypha had also completed its first half.) Those shows made up my week.

  4. Virginia says:

    Blue Angel probably means that since Playmaker has just different goals in dueling compared to other Charisma Duelists she is confused as to whether it is alright to go along with what she duels for. In a way, I think she is kinda doubting herself for dueling to prove herself to her brother instead of let’s say, for her fans or for fun.

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