Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 12

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOD, WHAT IS AIR, I CAN’T BREATHE. OH MY GOD MY STOMACH HURTS FROM LAUGHING SO HARD. IGNIS, AI, WHATEVER I’M SUPPOSED TO CALL HIM NOW – OH MY GOD, TALKING ABOUT BRUISING HIS EGO! HE IS SO TINY!!!!!!! I thought he’d be human size, but the more they built up with it, I knew he had to be tiny, but their reaction to his true form was the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. They were not impressed whatsoever. Oh man, I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.

The battle against Revolver has finally come to a close, and it was truly an excellent one, especially the master duel. We definitely need more of those in the future. Having two separate rounds of battles was something many of us were concerned how it was going to be executed, but they managed to pull it off without a hitch. Today it was fairly obvious that Yuusaku was going to win, and I liked the build up of how he was betting everything on his destiny draw of the deck he had built specifically to fight against the Hanoi Knights. However it cannot go unnoticed how Revolver was shaken by the fact he and Yuusaku knew each other from the incident that took place ten years ago. Dr. Kogami even said how fate is scary if that’s truly the case.

A secret, that seems imply that it was in fact SOL Technologies to be the ones behind the incident Yuusaku has been investigating. This dirt is what got everyone excited, especially SOL Technologies in particular. They will be dismissing Akira from his position shows us that they absolutely do not want anyone to know too much. They will be replacing with him with Kitamura, described as someone who is hungry for promotions. This just goes to show that SOL Technology, is as I suspected, not a bunch to be trusted. So its’ not just the Hanoi Knights who are preparing for a major event, but SOL Technologies as well. Dr. Kogami, reassures Revolver that it’s not the end of the world to have lost today’s battle, but if worst comes to worst, they will jump ahead to the final stage of their grand plans.

Revolver is quite upset at the fact he feels like Yuusaku is working alongside SOL Technologies. But the truth is, he is not – especially since he did not hand Ignis over to Akira, and probably won’t, especially if Akira gets fired sooner or later.

But the big question remains: Who is the good guy and who is the bad guy? Are the Hanoi Knights misunderstood, or are they to be considered separate fraction of villains. There is also the deal with “Ignis” AI species. AI who have been gifted the ability of free will. What are their intentions, aside from taking over the network, what makes them so threatening to the Hanoi Knights, and what makes them so useful to SOL Technologies? (I mean, Ignis/AI really went after Revolver… That’s pretty dangerous. Even Yuusaku was like WHOA!) So much juicy stuff, I cannot wait for it to be uncovered!!!!

I must say though, it’s probably severely underrated, but we should certainly take a moment to appreciate how Aoi’s condition for several episodes, was not all in vain. Instead it served as a reason for Yuusaku to get involved despite it being a trap. Considering all the episodes up to this point been focused on the fight, Aoi’s character hardly missed anything and will conscious and ready to jump back int just when the plot is ready to move onto its next stage. It’s a positive sign, to say the least.
Also Akira bawled his eyes out. That was pretty cute. He was a sobbing mess. (Can’t blame him though)

Random Note of the Week: The music is freaking awesome!


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7 Responses

  1. Man, I was laughing at how Yusaku and Kusanagi didn’t really react to Ignis showing off his regained body. Yeah, maybe they should’ve said that they were happy for him. Then again, that was for comedy that was probably needed after so many episodes of serious and intense dueling. I’m happy that Aoi was OK when she woke up and glad to see that Akira was crying tears of joy. Let’s hope now that Aoi’s back in business again that she will be in episodes coming up in the nearby future along with Go. It was also really adorable to see Yusaku asleep. He must have been so tired from fighting Revolver. Can’t blame him though because being in a life-or-death situation can wear you out afterwards. I have to agree that now’s the question of who are the real villains. SOL Technology is beginning to sound really sinister if they’re firing Akira and they don’t want him to know too much. Only time will tell. I can’t wait to see how Yusaku reacts when he meets Ema in the real world next episode.

  2. starqo says:

    Wow, I was not expecting Yusaku to just one-shot Revolver. I think that might be a first for the franchise: the hero one-turn-killing the rival in their second match.

    Anyways, glad that Revolver kept his promise, and both him and Dr. Kogami really did feel taken aback when Yusaku reveals that he was involved in the incident years ago. Makes me wonder if Revolver was the one who told Yusaku the “3 things” (that’d be cruel; Yusaku wants to save his friend, only for them to be enemies). And as I predicted, SOL Tech might be the real main villains here. At least Akira won’t be as involved in their schemes, if at all.

    P.S. How nice of Ema to get Akira a ride to see Aoi. It also looks like she’ll be paying Kusanagi’s stand a visit.

    P.P.S. Aha! I knew Revolver was calling Dr. Kogami “father!”

  3. Virginia says:

    Wonder if SOL Technologies will rehire Akira and hold him and Aoi as hostage later on- once Yusaku and Kusanagi gets valid evidence of their dirty secrets.

    After all Akira and Aoi already served as some form of hostage to Hanoi in order to get Yusaku to act.

    I’d rather not have too much damsel in distress though

  4. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

    Finally the multi-parter duel stretching four episodes is done, seriously we haven’t had a protagonist vs rival duel THIS long like forever besides the Atem vs Kaiba in the good-old DM Battle City. But honestly, the outcome really rubbed me the wrong way. What was the point of portraying Revolver as this big threat who almost succeeded in destroying Cyberse if he’s just going to be winless (1 draw, 1 defeat) against Playmaker for his first two attempts? The redeeming qualities of past villains such as Vector & Yuri stems from that fact that they were extremely cunning & manipulative duelists who could take down multiple people at a time and play mind games with their opponents. Even in Kaiba’s case, he spent the entire DM series being a dominating and intimidating presence despite always losing to the protagonist. But here, we have the main protagonist tied & then beaten the antagonists’ leader in their first two encounters SO EARLY ON. Not to say that SOL Tech is less shady, but I’m still gutted at how they already tighten Yusaku’s plot armor to Yusei’s levels & his plot device capabilities to YUMA’S levels.

    Those aside, glad to see Aoi FINALLY back again… And can we have some deviant stuff from Ema/Ghost Girl next episode? ;)

    • Eva says:

      I’m hoping when Revolver strikes back, he will strike back hard. He was quite shaken by the 3 Reasons revelation, so I interpreted that as throwing him off his game, resulting his defeat. But I don’t necessarily see his loss as a bad thing for the plot as whole, since it came with a lot of merits. It’s just the matter of whether or not they will abuse the plot-armor that everyone hates.

      But you’re right about how the YGO series as a whole has been lacking an intense rivalry like Atem and Kaiba, with Kaiba being the dominant one as oppose to the protagonist. It will be interesting to see how they choose the handle the two antagonist fractions, (heck, Hanoi Knights could potentially be described as an Anti-Hero Fraction).

      Ema is gonna be snooping around for the goodies she heard of. She of all of them looked the most excited about the dirt on SOL Tech. LMAO.

  5. Kazanova says:

    From this episode, I’m starting to think of three speculations:

    1. Revolver is the person who encouraged Yusaku 10 years ago in that room.
    2. Like Yusaku, Revolver is involved in that incident, trapped in the same room, and then also received encouragement of the three reasons like Yusaku did. Since his father seems to be involved in the incident 10 years ago and SOL Technology, I don’t find it weird if Revolver retain his memories, unlike Yusaku who lost most of it.
    3. Specter is also involved in the incident 10 years ago.

    I have to agree with you about the funniest part in this episode. Poor Ai being ignored like that! But seeing your reaction while you’re in your real body like that is so cute! I’m sure the next episode we’ll see more like this based on the preview! XD

    Ema approach Kusanagi in his hotdog stall, and Yusaku see her… I’m gonna expecting this mean we’ll soon have Playmaker vs. Ghost Girl!

  6. becs says:

    I think this is the first episode that I actually called Ignis Ai. I cared so much for the little guy and he is pretty much my favourite in this whole series. Yusaku is getting there, I actually felt pretty hard for him in these past few episodes. Him falling asleep was just plain adorable!!

    Ai’s reveal was as funny as you thought Eva, I thought I was going to lose oxygen! The way he revealed himself had actually kind of frightening imagery and i screamed a bit before erupting into unending laughter at his size and reveal!! And then the two just prompt ignoring him unimpressed! XDD

    I was so glad that this duel ended here. I don’t think i could’ve stood it if it lasted one more episode. SO yeah, Yusaku one punched him!

    Good! The plot is moving along! I’m so incredibly glad that Aoi woke up this episode! If she was a goal to accomplish for the rest of this arc I would’ve flipped a table! She is not my favourite character so far. She has potential to get better and move on from her brother complex and hopefully Akira can move on from his little sister complex.
    Selena and Yuzu are hard examples of potentially good characters. Hopefully Aoi can prove me wrong and show more badassery!

    I’m so glad that we aren’t being bombarded by filler episodes now. the plot is moving at a good pace atm. I’m so excited to see what happened to Yusaku and Revolver 10 years ago!

    It also showed a dramatic change in character for Yusaku, because before he was never open at all to anyone about his intentions or past. Now that he is passionately showing his determination to everyone as Playmaker, that he does have a goal and isn’t working for anyone. Just… EMOTION!! Something we can actually relate to Yusaku with!!

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