Kakegurui – Episode 8 [Love-Dancing Woman]

When the cat’s away, the mice will play ~

So the Student Council President is leaving again on another trip as a result of the draw between Midari and Yumeko, and Sayaka is devastated. Not only will she not be able to be near the council president, but there is now a power void that the other members may try to fill. We know that the council’s only male member, Kaede Manyūda, is already wanting to take over and rule the council.

With the president gone, school idol and council PR manager Yumemi Yumemite decides to challenge Yumeko to a match, something which Kaede supports. He pulls together enough funds from the Student Council [SC] so that 50,000,000 yen can be wagered on this gamble, and Yumemi draws up a life plan which would force Yumeko to become an idol alongside Yumemi.

At lunch Yumeko is approached by a student named Itsuki Sumeragi, who has heard the rumor that Yumeko wants to challenge the SC president. Itsuki was booted from the council after losing to Yumeko and is in danger of being potentially disowned by her rich father if she can’t get back on the council. Itsuki tries to bribe Yumeko with some rich sweets, but after she is forced to come clean, Itsuki just asks Yumeko to please give her her old position back if she should win against the council president.

Elsewhere Yumemi is having a handshake meet and greet with her fans after one of her shows, and she is every bit the happy, gracious idol she appears to be. But in private we see that she hates how excited (and therefore sweaty) her fans get during her shows. Her fans disgust her. But she knows it’s something she has to put up with because increasing her fan base is what will help her get famous.

Yumeko and Ryouta meet up with Yumemi later, and they are screened by her agent before they allowed in to the room to meet her. Once introductions have been made Yumemi explains the gamble and the 50 million yen wager, confirming it will be enough to get Yumeko out of debt. She also explains the life plan she had drawn up for Yumeko, complete with the gross name “Dreaming Creaming Sisters”. *gag*

It doesn’t take long before Yumeko pulls out a taped-up letter that she found in her locker in the beginning of the episode, a letter written by the head of Yumemi’s fanclub. The letter had been shredded, presumably by Yumemi, but someone had stolen it and placed it in Yumeko’s locker. This forces Yumemi to confess that she does despise her sweaty fans, and she also talks about her dream to win an Academy Award and make it big in Hollywood. Yumeko shares that a small recorder had been left in her locker along with the letter, and that she had turned it on and slipped it into Yumemi’s agent’s pocket prior to entering the room. The entire conversation which had just taken place has been caught on tape. So Yumeko agrees to the gamble and Yumemi’s life plan for Yumeko, but adds the recorder to the match; if Yumemi wins, Yumeko will become an idol together with her pink-haired schoolmate. If Yumeko wins, Yumemi will be forced to publicly admit her disgust for some of her fans, and will probably have to drop her dream of becoming an idol and maybe even winning an award.

Soon after this conversation, Yumemi has a live concert and afterwards she publicly debuts Yumeko in her new idol outfit (don’t think I didn’t see Ryouta’s reaction to her new clothes either ;P ). Yumemi announces the match and says the gamble will be used to decide who the new idol will be.

My thoughts:
Wow, Yumemi’s life plan is almost as messed up as Mary’s was. If one thinks about it, Yumemi probably doesn’t have much of a life. She’s so determined to become famous and win a coveted award that she’s always either performing, practicing, or working on something related to her career. And she’s famous on “Youtube” and around her school so when she goes out in public, she has to hide parts of her identity so she’s not mobbed by fans. And as Yumemi admits to Yumeko herself, she can forget having a private life. So how screwy is it that Yumemi is trying to condemn Yumeko to that kind of life without her consent?

I’m excited to see how the match will go, since it will be the first one of the season to be performed in front of a large crowd, and live to boot. Will either player be able to cheat without the audience noticing? Will Yumeko defeat Yumemi and earn herself a (lower) seat on the council, even though she’s livestock?

Also, many characters had really fucked-up mouths/expressions this episode. Creepy. x_x  *shudder*



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